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Saudi Women Are Equipped To Lead Maritime Tourism

The Saudi government has given Saudi women financial aid to buy their own boats and business management training to run Red Sea and Arabian Gulf tourism enterprises.

Eleven Saudi women were recently granted marine driving licenses by the Border Training Guard Program in Yanbu with the support of several government agencies. Riyada,” an organization that offers financing, also supported the program to enable women to purchase boats.

Hamed Al-Juhani, head of the board of directors of the Yanbu Cooperative Society for Fishermen, stated that as part of the Kingdom’s Vision 2030 program, his company dedicates its efforts to offering young women the opportunity to gain entrepreneurial skills.

“There are now over 100 women wishing to join the course, and our specialized training cadre are 100 percent Saudis.”

The trainee, May Qandil said, “Women can now achieve their dreams and we live in an unprecedented era, where we are empowering women.”

Al-Juhani added that experts have been appointed to train women in boat navigation. Intensive 10-day practical and 5-day theoretical training programs have also been developed with help from the tourism industry. The training covers safety, navigation, and other topics related to a marine-related industry.

Arab News also reported that Rahma Al-Majnouni, one of the 11 women who got a marine driving license from the Yanbu cooperative, wants to operate her own boat and teach others how to navigate.

Malak Al-Juhani, another accomplished participant and licensed diver, aspires to work as an instructor. She said, “The course had many requirements, including swimming, passing the theoretical and practical tests, as well as receiving intensive training provided by a female military cadre.”

Safaa Fallata, a Red Sea coral reef farming participant and internationally certified diving instructor, praised the Yanbu cooperative and the government for their support.

According to Al-Juhani, “We have hired experienced leaders in boat driving, fishing, and going on trips, who know all the tourism areas in Yanbu by heart,” and using life jackets, operating boats in various sea conditions, and abiding by other necessary international norms were among the skills learned.

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