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An Immersive Heritage Festival Coming To Jeddah in December

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The Jeddah Heritage Festival is coming to the city from December 2 until December 18 and will be organized by The Ministry of Culture. It will feature many aspects from a museum, gallery, fashion area, architecture and design area, and a heritage market. Part of the Quality of Life Program under the Saudi Vision 2030, the event aims to highlight different historical and cultural aspects of the city. 

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The festival starts when the visitors would be received in the old town market. Set up in a historical ambiance, artisans dressed in traditional costumes will sell their handmade artefacts including pottery and clothes.

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The whole experience will be made to resemble a true blast from past. Others will have their heritage food items displayed with dates, bread, fish, and grains featuring all the details depicting a truly authentic Saudi souq. Visitors can also sample traditional drinks and local dishes in customary café and restaurants settings.

But the experience doesn’t stop there! A cinematic experience with The Visual Arts Gallery where different films, photographs awaits them. All the material shown will be reminiscent of Saudi Arabian culture and heritage.

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The Museum area will contain a virtual experience where visitors will be transported to historical venues such as The Grand Mosque of Makkah, Nasseef House, and the Prophet’s Mosque in Madinah. You will experience what these great places looked like in ancient times.

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The Architecture and Design area will show the old buildings, streets, cafes in Jeddah. The scene will paint all the details we love about the coastal city down to the windows, doors, and interior designs – all shown in the ancient times.

The Fashion Area will delineate the evolution of local and traditional attire through time. From the history of the textiles, to the craftmanship of the outfits, everything will be shown through models.

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To add more to the performative aspect of the festival, there will be a theatre show that narrate the different cultural behaviors and social transformations that happened throughout history in Saudi Arabia. Get ready for some concerts as well, as there will be folk dances and shows presented in a live demonstration.

Families will also be able to enjoy their time at this festival because there will be a children’s section with interactive games.

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