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The Optical Illusion Pop-Up Venue In Jeddah Awes Visitors

Optical Illusion, a pop-up venue in Jeddah that focuses entirely on optical illusions as its name implies, just launched with little fanfare. It has been going for a month at this point, but the majority of Jeddah residents are unaware of it. It includes flipped furniture, height-changing corners, enormous macrons, carrom boards, Barbie and Ken doll boxes, and snakes and ladders.

There are two primary areas in the establishment: the café and the event zone, which is divided into five smaller regions: The Fun Zone, Candy Land, Underground Zone, Winter Zone, and the Optical Illusions room.

The Fun Zone includes a salon with a life-size Barbie and Ken doll, a space with enormous macarons, a room filled with decadent fudge, a human claw machine, and a space for kids to create art.

In the middle of Candy Land, there is a huge three-layer birthday cake, along with enormous lollipops and two trampolines. Visitors are free to celebrate any occasion, including birthdays.

The fictional metropolis in The Underground Zone is struggling with the fallout from an explosion, including the emergence of gangs and criminals. To finish the game, players must respond rapidly and solve puzzles. The age allowed to enter the underground area is +12.

The Winter Zone features holiday decorations and a dedicated children's area with handmade crafts.

Every age group can find something to enjoy. The Al-Zahra neighborhood's Optical Illusion, which is located behind Ash Shatei Market, will give you a ton of fantastic photo options.

Ahmed Khomais, project manager at Optical Illusion and creative team manager at Lamasat Events, was interviewed by Arab News. “The type of experience we want to provide to our visitors is educational in terms of exploring optical illusions,” said Khomais, “and of course an all-in-all happy and joyful experience because everything in here can amaze you.”

Prices range from SR60 for the basic entry and SR120 for the VIP ticket that includes lounge and café access as well, with no age limit for entry.

Optical Illusion, Ahmad Al Attas, Al Zahra, Jeddah 24235
From September 8 and will last through November 15.

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