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The First Saudi Astro-Tourism Just Happened In The Royal Reserve

In partnership with the University of Tabuk, The King Salman bin Abdulaziz Royal Reserve Development Authority organized the first astro-tourism event in Al-Tubayq, a natural reserve located in the north-west of Saudi Arabia. This natural reserve serves as the perfect venue for stargazing as the untouched nature keeps the skies as clear as possible, away from urban pollution.

The Natural Reserve was designated in 1989 as a protected area, and it has a 12,105 km2. Al-Tubayq has more than 280 animal species and 450 plants in its landscapes. The reserve is also home to the Nubian Ibex, some species of gazelles, wolves, foxes and hares. As for the birds, there are falcons, partridges and eagles.

The event-goers gathered together and watched the conjunction of the Moon and Jupiter, and the other celestial movements as some experts from the university explained about the event and provided more information on astrology.

The objectives of this astro-tourism event, apart from highlighting the local natural treasures Saudi Arabia has, it also aimed to invite those who were fascinated by the unique destinations and protected natural reserves. The event also wanted to highlight the concept of astronomical tourism and introduce it with all its details and steps such as observing the sky in certain ways guided by experts, and using telescopes and more.

The planes and landscapes in Saudi Arabia have plenty of potential for turning into a world-class astronomy tourism destination with major locations such as Moon Valley, AlUla, An Nafud, and more. Many initiatives pushing diversified tourism have come into action as part of Saudi Vision 2030. Reports indicate that within the first four months of Saudi Arabia introducing the instant visa for foreign visitors, they had already received over 300,000 applications.

With the local hospitality of the Saudi Arabians being an essential differentiator amongst many international destinations, and pairing that with the incredible scenery and natural treasures, an exquisite culinary scene, and state of the art facilities for receiving tourists, the kingdom is well on its way to become a world-class destination for travel and sight-seeing.

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