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Adidas Partners With Onyx FC, A Women's Football Team In The UAE

Adidas, a leading international sportswear brand, has established a collaboration with Onyx FC, the first female-founded, female-owned, and female-managed football team in the area. By promoting women's football, dismantling cultural barriers, and building a foundation for up-and-coming players, the collaboration is expected to empower the next generation of young female footballers in the UAE.

The partnership advances Adidas' goals to help local and regional sports communities and builds upon the company's conviction that through sport they have the potential to change lives. It also raises Adidas' credibility in the football community. The co-founders of Onyx, Lauren McMurchie, Lisa Hayhoe, Hind Alzarouni, and Georgia Adderley, are all dedicated about giving female football players opportunities.

Hind Alzarouni told Grazia Magazine how the initiative has given female athletes a secure environment in which to hone technical abilities and values that go beyond the playing field. She added, “We believe that our core values are in-line with the Adidas brand values. We want all women to feel welcome and enjoy football no matter what their ability is or who they are. We share the same vision to empower women in the region to play sports, and we’re grateful for the support we have received from Adidas so far.”

Some of the top female players in the UAE with club-level and international experience make up Onyx FC. Since its founding in 2021, the club has demonstrated that it has a strong basis for developing young female players by winning numerous awards. They are a club that welcomes players of all skill levels and offer programs for female footballers of every level.

The collaboration also coincides with Adidas' mission to reduce plastic waste with Onyx FC conducting a variety of ecologically focused initiatives, such as desert and beach clean-ups, recycling activities, and many more to raise awareness within the community and motivate women to make a change. By collaborating with Onyx FC to provide a safe venue for women and girls from all backgrounds and skill levels, the company hopes to fulfill its objectives of sustainability and inclusivity while advancing women's football in the area.

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