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Highlights From Arab Fashion Week

Arab Fashion Week is currently taking place in Dubai, and the opening shows had a lot to offer.

Barbie was the center of attention on Day 1 of the Arab Fashion Week women's ready-to-wear spring-summer 2023 festival in Dubai. Barbie has undoubtedly never been on a catwalk with more elegance than her capsule collection by Lebanese designer Jean Louis Sabaji. Barbie's iconic bright pink hues made the sleek designs glow in the Jean Louis Sabaji x Barbie capsule collection, which is all about her distinctive form.

The cocktail dresses are meant to showcase the feminine form, while the spectacular evening gowns swept the floor when paired with unexpected black feathers and heart motifs. Whimsical, heart-shaped cutouts were recurrent throughout the show. Undoubtedly, Sabaji was celebrating with this performance. The fashion designer has dominated not just the red carpet but also the most recognizable doll in the entire globe in just ten years in business.

On the second day of Arab Fashion Week, we were given the opportunity to view a collection by UAE-based brand Amato. The stark black outfits were produced by Filipino Furne One, whose line was inspired by the Maharajas and romanticism of Indian vintage items of costume; as a result, handmade turbans, capes, feathered shoulders, and sculpted armor were added to the otherwise plain designs.

The couture creations of Filipino designer Rian Fernandez put on a colorful display, with his outfits also drawing inspiration from traditional embroidery. The fall/winter 2023 woman was cocooned in elaborate bodices, exquisite weaving, and seductive tassels, all of which exhibited the distinctive flair for which Rian Fernandez is renowned.

The collection by Dubai-based designer Farah Bseiso for Maison Mada'en, which draws inspiration from the roses in the gardens of Buckingham Palace as an homage to the late Queen Elizabeth II, also had that handmade, embroidered aesthetic. “The collection represents strength and power, as well as courageous and positive characters that are rooted both in traditions and liberal ideologies,” she noted. The Jordanian designer's "Fallen Rose" line features vivid tulles, floral designs, and mikado silk in a way that resembles an enchanted world. 

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