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Model Imaan Hammam Launches An Eyewear Collection With Moroccon Port Tanger

Imaan Hammam, Dutch model of Moroccan and Egyptian origin, has collaborated with eyewear label Port Tanger to create a collection. The eyewear line, which seeks inspiration from the Moroccan city of Tangier and was founded by Bilal Fellah and his creative partner Danil Sumarna, has been seen on celebrities ranging from US rapper ASAP Rocky to model Nora Attal. Handmade in Italy, the frames are easily recognized by their warm tones.

According to Arab News, the collection has yet to be revealed, but a video shared on Instagram showed the model and her guests wearing pieces from the collection. Heavy frames, blue-hued lenses, and extra-large shapes were spotted suggesting a true throwback to 1990s fashion.

Hammam thanked everyone who came out to celebrate the collection's launch. The 26-year-old model spoke specifically about her relationship with Tangier, the noticeable difference between Morocco and London, and the "feeling of being at home" with her family that her trips to Tangier provide.

Hammam was scouted in 2013 and has been in demand ever since. She has always been proud of her Moroccan heritage, as evidenced by her clothing choices, which include Jellabas and vintage Amazigh jewelry. She also showcased her Arab heritage, particularly her Egyptian roots, in a collaboration with celebrity shoe designer Amina Muaddi.

So far, her Port Tanger collection appears to be a reflection of the brand's vintage unique style and Imaan's creativity. This vision is perfectly aligned with the brand's, as Port Tanger was inspired by the Moroccan coastal city where the Mediterranean and Atlantic Oceans meet. With collections like Leila, Mektoub, and Tangerine, the label is "an ode to the sunny lifestyle of this city."

Bilal Fellah, of Moroccan-Algerian origin, is inspired by the city's vitality and cultural abundance, as well as the vintage influences of the co-founder Danil Sumarna. “Each pair is marked with six dots on each temple, symbolizing the brand’s founding principles: respect for the past, through tradition, craftsmanship and a sense of nostalgia, as well as looking to the future through hope, creation and culture”.

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