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AlUla Launches ‘Safar Art Exhibition’ at AlUla Int'l Airport

The “Safar” Art Exhibition, which honors the AlUla region of Saudi Arabia's natural and cultural heritage, was officially opened on Monday by the Royal Commission for AlUla (RCU).

The exhibition also gathers works of art from around the world that are influenced by the history of AlUla through numerous details that mix artistic expressions and encompass the arts of sculpture, photography, textiles, and graphics.

AlUla places a high value on the arts because it is one of the foundational tenets of the RCU, which realizes the directives of Prince Mohammed bin Salman, Crown Prince and Chairman of the Board of Directors of the RCU, toward advancing AlUla, safeguarding its natural treasures, and educating the world about its cultural legacy.

The "Safar" exhibition highlights the distinctive legacy of AlUla with the different artistic efforts that have already been publicized, the most recent of which being "Valley of Art." I

n addition to a group of regional artisans from the "Deira School," the exhibition features 64 works of art by 25 artists from the Kingdom and other countries. The artworks will be on exhibit at AlUla International Airport in the executive hall and the internal hall to create a narrative art piece that describes the legacy, past, present, and future of AlUla.

According to Nora Al-Dabal, executive director of Arts and Creative Industries at the RCU, the "Safar" exhibition is a continuation of the Commission's initiatives in the culture and arts sector. This adds significant value to the sequence of international events that the Commission organized and oversaw, including "Desert X AlUla," the "Cortona on the Move" festival, and the announcement of the opening of the "Valley of Art." It also symbolizes AlUla's longstanding relationship to the arts. Al-Dabal continued explaining that the opening of the “Safar” Art Exhibition introduces visitors to AlUla to its brand-new phase as a hub for creativity and the arts, which is a crucial component of the name and identity of AlUla. She emphasized that the arts in AlUla will be crucial to realizing the long-term goal of creating a cultural economy.

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