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The Arab woman championing sustainability in the jewellery industry

Basma Chaieri, the founder of Etika Jewels®, an online sustainable jewellery store with a positive impact, finds her inspiration in today’s women and their strength and inner power.

Born and raised in Tangier, Morocco, Basma obtained a master’s degree in International Business and an MBA focus on Entrepreneurship before launching her innovative vision of lab-grown diamonds and gemstones. She is also a certified diamond grader by the International Gemological Institute, making her venture well-informed. Having lived in 8 different cities around the globe, she experienced different cultures and considers herself a wholehearted citizen of the world.

Basma spent 12 years in the travel and digital industry working for reputable global names such as and Expo 2020 Dubai. She sought a complete shift in her career with Etika Jewels to merge her professional and personal life around a purpose that would make the world a better place for future generations.

A mom of 2, Basma aspires to teach her children by example the values of confidence, inclusion, hard work and positive change. With a lifelong love of fashion and accessories, she pursued her desire to start a business that would empower women in her field of passion and beyond. She wanted to create a brand that allows women to feel good as they are. She encourages women to set the standards for themselves and has developed a brand that allies with that confident line of thinking. Etika jewelry® is designed to reflect beauty in simplicity: do good and feel good.

Basma first conceived her idea of Etika Jewels®, an online store offering trendy and ethical jewellery, after watching a documentary about mined diamonds that revealed an inside look of the industry. After discovering that lab-grown diamonds are physically and chemically identical to their mined counterpart, just more ethical, she strived to develop a brand that supported responsible luxury and empowered everyday women with effortless looks and confidence. While working at Expo 2020 Dubai, she was inspired by the numerous sustainability initiatives at presented which motivated her to take this giant leap of faith.

At 38 years old, Basma returned to school, learned everything about carbon chemistry, diamonds, and gemology and became a Certified Diamond Grader. She then used her experience in the digital industry to reinvent how women shop for jewellery and create a brand that would resonate in the heart of women today: active, trendy, caring and determined.

Etika Jewels® is a fully digital jewellery store offering beautiful, mindful, and accessible diamond and gold jewellery alternatives that aim to raise ethical standards in the diamond industry. From tennis bracelets to stud earrings and diamond necklaces to solitaire rings, the brand provides over 100 products skillfully handcrafted for both trendy and timeless elegance. Each piece is carefully designed to easily elevate any outfit with minimal effort because Basma believes the biggest luxury a modern woman can have is more time for herself and her loved ones.

Etika Jewels® is committed to giving woman true value for their money, with jewellery that make us feel beautiful and confident instantly.

Basma is a firm believer in women’s talent and their ability to achieve anything when believing and thinking positively about themselves. “Everything is possible when you believe in yourself, work hard, challenge the assumptions and take risks”.

Etika Jewels is synonymous with Ethical. Empowerment and Elegance.

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