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Ex Nihilo Launches An Exclusive Fragrance In Celebration Of Its KSA Boutique Opening

Parisian perfume house, Ex Nihilo, has launched its first ever standalone boutique in Riyadh at the Al Nakheel Mall. Integrating the codes of the brand’s flagship Rue Saint Honoré location into a futuristic Middle Eastern atmosphere, the store design has maintained its luxury details whilst incorporating local architectural details to sublimate its identity. And like its other Middle Eastern boutiques, visitors will have a full in-store Osmologue customization service with the ability to craft their own unique Ex Nihilo fragrance.

“As we have a very strong perfume community in Saudi Arabia, we put a lot of passion into this new place dedicated to all the fragrances connoisseurs, in Riyadh and beyond,” said the founders of Ex Nihilo, Olivier Royère, Benoît Verdier, and Sylvie Loday, in a released statement. “We hope you will enjoy the experience as much as we did to invent it. We’re looking forward to personally welcoming you very soon.”

To celebrate its first ever boutique in the kingdom, Ex Nihilo has launched a limited edition Riyadh-exclusive fragrance, ‘Outcast Blue Edition Ambre,’ which is a bold reinterpretation of ‘Outcast Blue’ sublimated by the noblest Amber notes. This exclusive creation is a tribute to Saudi and the mesmerizing atmosphere of Riyadh.

The notes? “Saffron and Peppers mingle into a spicy and vibrant mix of sensations. A heart of Cedarwood teases the senses. Patchouli, Vetiver and Oak moss soften Sandalwood when hints of Tobacco will add a rebellious twist to the silage,” reads a description of the exclusive fragrance.

The creation of such a fragrance is a tribute to Riyadh’s iconic Al Nakheel Mall. The design takes inspiration from the original concept of ‘Outcast Blue,’ celebrating blue through a graphic and flowing artwork. The pack adorns blue and silver smooth shapes referring to the fragrance and paying tribute to the mesmerizing curves of the desert dunes.

For Ex Nihilo, Riyadh is a city where the medieval and millennial twists in a “beguiling cultural union,” as the age-old souqs and heritage UNESCO sceneries sit against the background of a modern metropolis, with glittering skyscrapers and a burgeoning contemporary art scene. Just as the Saudi capital is changing and evolving in appearance, Ex Nihilo is too revising French perfumery traditions in an Avant-Garde way. The brand’s Riyadh flagship is inspired by merging the unique ambiance of the capital and twist it with its Parisian Avant-Garde roots in a unique place.

Born in Paris, France, Ex Nihilo has kept growing and expanding to the most prestigious and exclusive selling points around the world in more than 40 countries since its creation in 2013. In addition to Paris and Dubai, Ex Nihilo will be opening three flagships store in a row during 2022, USA (Los Angeles), Asia (Taipei), and Saudi Arabia (Riyadh).

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