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Saveurs d’Arabie: The Chic Saudi Recipe Cookbook You Need

Gift this recipe book on Saudi National Day!

The Culinary Arts Commission is a local initiative that aims to make Saudi Arabian cuisine a delicacy both regionally and internationally. Their main projects all are centered around cultivating this sector and enhancing the gastronomic heritage in the country and abroad.

Their mission is split among three main objectives: Culinary Arts As An Ambassador to promote the culinary arts within hospitality in the Middle East while aiming to become a top culinary destination, Culinary Arts As An Experience to create experiences centered around Saudi cuisine that bring delight to locals, visitors, and internationals, and Culinary Arts As A Livelihood through pushing for a flourishing industry.

Recently they have collaborated with a French publishing house, Cassi Edition, to come out with the French version of their Saudi Arabian cookbook called Saveurs d’Arabie.

This cookbook is not your usual recipe book, because all of the recipes documented were actually verbally passed down through generations, through poetry! Imagine how beautiful and special those recipes must be. The team behind the Saudi Culinary Arts Commission actually conducted trips and met with different people in order to source the recipes from all over the kingdom and showcase them in the book.

In addition to having a storytelling aspect that takes you on an epicureanism adventure, the book is design-centric and would look good on any coffee table.

This comes as one of the many endeavors that the Culinary Arts Commission has been working for since its foundation in 2019. Recently they have also showcased Saudi Arabian cuisine at the Terra Madre conference in the city of Turin, in Italy. They hosted a pavilion at the conference where they displayed dishes native to the kingdom along with different crops. At that event, they added 13 items pertaining to Saudi cuisine, which included All-Hellya dates, Al-Samh Seeds, Saudi Khawlani Coffee Beans, Al-Hassawi Rice, Al-Mghami Dates, Al-Bur Al-Najrani wheat, and Al-Kabath fruits, among many others.

In order to keep a part of Saudi heritage close to you wherever you are, you can buy Saveurs d’Arabie anywhere online. 

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