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Joe & The Juice Is Opening Soon

Joe & The Juice, a well-known coffee shop and juice bar from Denmark, will soon open a branch in Riyadh.


Kaspar Basse, Joe & The Juice founder, said, “We are on a mission to change how people perceive healthy food and drinks. This mission sits at the core of our soul’s mission. Everyone thinks healthy food is bland and boring, and we continue to prove them wrong with our menu.”

The company provides much more than juice and is well-known for its quick and nutritious selections and nourishing, made-to-order drinks. To suit every taste, the menu includes vegan options and offers everything from coffee, tea, snacks and treats, and mouthwatering sandwiches to power smoothies and veggie shots cooked in-store with organic ingredients.

Numerous juice alternatives will be available on the KSA menu, which is built on the diet of athletes. These include the brand's two most popular juices, the Pick Me Up with raspberry, banana, and apple, and Joe's Identity, blended with cucumber, kale, broccoli, spinach, and lemon.

For coffee connoisseurs, there will be plenty of lattes and cortados made with superior blends and beans and everything matcha, and for tea drinkers, there will be a selection that includes rooibos and English breakfast.

The protein-rich power shakes prepared by Joe & The Juice are also well-known. One such popular shake is the Power Shake, which contains vanilla milk, strawberries and banana. While the Blue Magic is an oat coconut drink, with avocado, protein, date, blue spirulina and lemon, the Re-Build Shake contains chocolate-almond milk, date, raw cacao, banana, avocado, and protein. In addition to your beverage choice, the nutritious menu also offers trademark sandwiches, salads, and breakfast bowls.

According to their website their sustainability approach and strategy is: “We care about leaving the Planet in a better state than we found it in therefore reducing our impact on the environment. Not only in our stores, but making it easier for our customers to recycle our products through our Recycling Loop. We'll limit the materials used in our receptacles making recycling simple efficient, whilst also moving to RPET, Bagasse, & Recycled Paper. We'll stay committed to our 2% Food Waste Score by continuing to make everything fresh to order.”

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