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Jason Derulo Amazed By Saudi City At Music Festival

“Unlike any other experience”, he said.

Making yet another performance for the books, international popstar Jason Derulo performed at the second edition Azimuth music festival for Saudi National Day 2022. It was reported to have been one of the best performances some audience members have ever seen. Jason Derulo pumped up the crowd with his biggest singles like “Swalla”, “Solo”, and “In My Head”.

The last time the Azimuth music festival was in Saudi Arabia was back in March 2020, and it has returned to the glorious city of Al Ula. This festival took place from September 22nd to September 24th, and included renowned stars like Tinie Tempah, The Chainsmokers, and more.

The popstar spoke to a local news outlet where he expressed his excitement about being in Saudi Arabia, “Any time you can come to a place and have an experience, it makes the show so much better because it’s something that’s completely different that you can’t get anywhere else.”

Historically, Al Ula has been a site that has witnessed various cultures and heritage beyond the Arabian Peninsula. It was quite beautiful and inspiring to see that even in our present day, the site still witnesses various cultural and artistic exchanges and expressions. With the sky lit up by the star constellations, and the rock formations serving as a magnificent backdrop, Al Ula is the place to be.

Derulo attests to the magical flair of Al Ula, as he states, “Coming through the rock and all the sand, it’s almost like it’s a hideaway from everything, and to bring all of this luxury to the middle of the desert is unlike any other experience.”

This was actually not the first time Jason Derulo has graced the presence of Saudi stages, but he also performed in 2018 at the Saudi Diriyah E-Prix.

Derulo goes on about his unforgettable experience, “I’ve been performing for a very long time, and I can say that this experience was unique, unlike any experience I’ve ever had. I’ve performed all over the world and even coming here today, I pulled out my phone, I was like, this is amazing.”

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