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The Roksanda x FILA Collaboration We Want This Fall

An unusual fashion pairing, but somehow it works. Taking athleisure and sportswear to the next level, FILA cultivates an innovative drive which naturally leads to unexpected collaborations and surprising couplings. The newest installment in this series of progressive trespassing is the collaboration with Roksanda.

ROKSANDA x FILA is the encounter between two very different identities to create a new one, at once unexpected and authentic. The ready-to-wear label’s voluminous dramatic shapes, and vibrant colors meet the technicality and straightforwardness of FILA, blending an artistic sense of feminine empowerment with the pragmatism of sport-style.

When creating this unique collection, Roksanda explored themes of shelter and protection, which she brought into the outdoors, in contact with the elements, according to the active FILA ethos. The collection is centered on big duvets that wrap the body allowing the wearer to seek refuge into their volumes, mixed with leisurewear inspired by parachutes incorporating FILA technical and high-performance fabrics.

A selection of leggings, t-shirts, sports bras, and jackets grounds the collection, which is completed with padded bags and oversized moon boots. The dialogue between the respective identities carries over in the color palette: an idiosyncratic mix of the tropic, porcelain, black, and fluoro orange with notes of chalk, champagne, butter, pearl, taupe, and fluoro pink.

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