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Inside Brad Pitt's Genderless Skincare Line

Hollywood icon Brad Pitt has launched his new gender-neutral skincare line, Le Domaine, as part of his latest endeavor. Pitt is an actor, producer, philanthropist, entrepreneur, sculptor, and soon to be, beauty tycoon. The brand, which the actor unveiled in an interview with Vogue, has been 15 years in the making.

Le Domaine was created in the South of France with the Perrin family, his partners in the Chateau Miraval vineyard. The components are made from antioxidants derived from grapes. According to Le Domaine's website, all products include extremely high concentrations of GSM10 and ProGR3, two unique patented active substances that delay the signs of aging skin.

The entire line of products is vegan, gender-neutral, and suitable for all skin types. With smooth wooden caps made from repurposed wine casks as an homage to its vineyard origins, the packaging is totally recyclable and refillable.

Pitt credits the beauty and wellness businesswoman Gwyneth Paltrow, with whom Pitt had a brief engagement in the 1990s, for helping him take care of his skin.

Despite the effectiveness and anti-aging benefits of the product, Pitt claims that you cannot escape ageing, “It’s ridiculous. It’s a fairytale.” "But what is real is treating your skin in a healthy manner. And I think that we’re learning that if we love ourselves, if we treat ourselves a little better, then there are long lasting benefits to that."

Pitt wants everyone to feel comfortable using the collection, which costs between $80 to $380. He claimed that because he personally gets overwhelmed by fragrances, he made sure the scent was very light. In developing Le Domaine Skincare and encouraging men to take care of their skin, he placed a strong emphasis on diversity.

Le Domaine Skincare products will start shipping on October 1 and are currently available for purchase online. 

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