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Saudi Label A National Day Collection In Collaboration With Black Tap

Popular NYC craft burger joint, Black Tap, at KAFD in Riyadh has teamed up with Saudi lifestyle label, “Proud Angeles.” The acclaimed Saudi lifestyle brand and Black Tap, have curated a collection inspired by Saudi National Day, which takes place annually on September 23rd.

The exclusive collection, entitled “Proud Kingdom”, interprets streetwear through the lens of creative Saudi expression. Designed to bridge the lifestyle gap between LA and Saudi for the kingdom’s youth, the notable collection artfully mixes the urban culture prevalent in both brands with traditional Saudi elements such as sword dancing. Through this collection, Proud Angeles highlights the distinct and remarkable parallels between streetwear styling and Saudi culture and the symbiotic and playful relationship that exists between them.

The “Proud Kingdom” collection fuses both brand guidelines ingeniously with the Kingdom’s own national ‘green’ color, making for a bold and striking visual statement that achieves a unique and fresh look, worthy of the momentous occasion. The collection will be available for sale on both the Black Tap in KAFD, Proud Angeles pop-up & website. 

Furthermore, the collection hopes to inspire national confidence for locals and residents alike and marks Black Tap’s first collaboration with any local Saudi brand.

The award-winning craft burger joint that was originally inspired by NYC’s old-school diners, is known for keeping the timeless NYC vibe alive all over the world. Their passion for making everything fresh, fun, and familiar permeates everything you see, taste, hear and feel, as you immerse yourself in the full gastronomic experience. World famous for their iconic and delicious Crazy Shakes, which they copiously load with every imaginable delight before turning it into a consumable work of art, Black Tap has created the ultimate “Proud Shake.” The green beverage was specially designed for the occasion and is said to embody the diversity of the nation as it celebrates the 92nd Saudi National Day.

‘Proud Angeles’, the local Saudi lifestyle brand, is known for creating comfortable and stylish ready-to-wear and loungewear and have made it its mission to grow beyond simply a fashion brand; to build an artistic and creative community. The LA-born brand endeavors to channel the LA good vibes, experiences, and colorful culture in Saudi Arabia and the wider Middle East. 

With Saudi Arabia undergoing a dynamic transformation and experiencing rapid exposure to a wider variety of cultures in the Kingdom, the collaborative “Proud Kingdom” collection, by ‘Black Tap’ and ‘Proud Angeles,’ hopes to capture the spirit of this year’s theme and play a part in amplifying the patriotic message to nationals and residents alike, that “THIS IS OUR HOME.” 

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