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This Is The First Saudi National Day To Be Held In The Metaverse

Into the future we go.

Saudi National Day is here, and with all the celebrations going on, why not add a virtual one as well? The 92nd Saudi National Day is expanding the festivities into the Metaverse. It has begun today on the 22nd of September, and will go until the 24th of September.

This unprecedented celebration was headed by The Bold Group, a Saudi integrated creative ecosystem that provides creative implementation in communication, brands, and experiences. This Saudi-born and led company is also a holder of many awards and are well-known for their creative efforts that are strongly grounded in Saudi culture, thus creating an authentic ripple effect.

For this impressive project, The Bold Group collaborated with King Abdulaziz Foundation for Research and Archives (Darah) to provide an immersive virtual and educational experience.

The Saudi National Day experience in the Metaverse will showcase Saudi Arabian culture in various activities all ground in one open-air museum. Each level on that museum will depict a facet like traditional, heritage clothes. Visitors can even wear these heritage items as NFTs!

Being able to experience Saudi National Day in this way is not only special and Heartwarming to Saudi Arabians, but also to the rest of the world who want to learn more about Saudi heritage and culture.

Abeer Alessa, who is the Saudi female CEO of the Bold Group reported to local news outlets, discussing what digital transformation can mean in several parts of Saudi society, like Saudi National Day. She states, “The Bold Group is at the forefront of innovation among the local marketing industry. We are activating the metaverse in an impactful way by paying tribute to Saudi National Day. Fusing our past with our future, we are honoring the storied history of the Kingdom, preserving our heritage and displaying it with pride for people to engage with in the new digital realm."

Alessa also discussed how the many initiatives they have been taking come in line with Vision 2030, "Our focus has always been to bring value to our partners and community, and this unique experience paves the way for others to discover exciting new opportunities in the market. In line with the Kingdom's transformative outlook for the Vision 2030, The Bold Group embraces the change and strives to be the pioneer of new and emerging technologies in the digital sphere."

You can join the festivities and know more about the event here. See you in the virtual world!

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