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Get Gilded For Saudi National Day Celebrations With Huda Beauty's Golden Empowered Collection

In preparation for the 92nd Saudi National Day on 23rd September, Saudi women are celebrating the nation's progress and their rise to leadership positions across different sectors – and most definitely dressing and preening themselves for the occasion. Saudi women have always been masters of beauty, skincare and makeup trends, and what better way to take inspiration from them, and make your face up with Huda Beauty’s latest collection in the most luxe shades of gold?

Get gilded in gold with Huda Beauty for Saudi National Day with the brand’s “Empowered Collection.”

“We don’t give you the power to be beautiful, celebrate *you* in whatever way makes you feel your best,” says Huda Kattan.

The word “empowered” translates to having the knowledge, confidence, means, or ability to do things or make decisions for oneself and beauty and makeup mogul, Huda Kattan, believes that YOU are capable of anything, and only your beliefs can hold you back.

Inspired by Huda’s self-worth journey, the new Empowered Collection is a reminder to celebrate *you* and feel your best. Always smashing through glass ceilings, Huda’s vision is to empower you through beauty and create products with a purpose. Even though you don’t need to buy anything to be you, Huda recognizes makeup’s transformative powers and wants you to have everything you need to thrive as your best self!

More than makeup, this powerful, confidence-boosting collection includes a brand new 18-well eyeshadow palette in elevated everyday shades, including creamy gel liner hybrids, a dew-boosting face gloss, the cult Legit Lashes mascara in the blackest shade and an exclusive 3-piece eyeshadow brush set with luxe gold handles and high-quality synthetic fibers.

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