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Watch Out! Here Are 6 Arab Creators We Love

Art and creativity come in many forms, and once you are lucky enough to find this inspiration that makes you create and inspire other people, you’re unstoppable! As you know, we’re always on the lookout for inspiration and topics that just spike human interest. We have rounded up some people that have inspired us either with their humor, with their talent, and even with their hearts! Here is our list of Arab creators that we love to see them do their thing.

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Emon Shakoor

For those of you who don’t know this Saudi powerhouse, Emon Shakoor is a businesswomen, neuroscientist, venture capitalist, and she has founded Saudi Arabia’s first leading accelerator that aims to support and empower female founders, Blossom Accelerator.

Besides all the amazing accomplishment, she is a podcaster! She has recently started a podcast titled, Shaghaf with Emon Shakker, which translates to Passion with Emon Shakoor. She hosts various personalities on her episodes, and due to her natural and authentic charm, the conversation gets quite interesting. If you tune in every time, you’ll get to also learn about her experience and how she got to where is now.

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The Saudi Reporters, Abdulla and Abdulaziz

If you want a weekly dose of good vibes, head to Abdulla and Abdulaziz’s YouTube channel right away. Known as “The Saudi Reporters, they post one video per week on their channel show that has different themes. They do comedy sketches, some Q&A for the fans, food tasting, vlogs of their traveling trips, and wild challenges. Get a glimpse of their show here!  

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Dima Sharif

One of the top food influencers in the region, Dima gives the art of plating and recipes a whole other meaning. She takes u along her trips all around the world, but also makes sure that she remains true to her Arab roots. Her website, which you can check out here, is full of recipes that are easy to create. We find her to be the one of the most helpful and communicative influencers in the region on food blogging. Even if you have never touched a pot in your life, she makes the process a whole less intimidating! Not to mention those excellent, mouthwatering food shots that make you come back for more!  

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Leena Al Ghouti

Resident cool girl, Leena Al Ghouti is one of our favorite fashion influencers. Her style definitely is not one to get lost in the influencer masses nowadays, as she has a very peculiar and edgy vibe. We love her understated vibe whether she’s rocking her multiple, unique rings or one of the many inimitable bags she usually sports. What we also love about Leena, is the fact that even when she’s creating a sponsored post for a brand, she creates a whole new outlook of that item. Our saved posts are full of Leena outfits we want to recreate. Whatever Leena is wearing, she turns it into a statement.


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Anas Bukhash

You might have already seen him interviewing some of your favorite public figures, but now we believe it’s time to recognize the person behind those interviews. Anas Bukhash is the founder and creator or ABTalks where he interviews top personalities in the Arab world. The meetings are usually cozy, familiar, and he gets his guests to talk about many subjects that go beyond the superficiality of social media. Names on his roster include iconic people like Egyptian actress Hend Sabri, influencer-turned-entrepreneur Karen Wazen, and many more.


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He is a great communicator, has quite the presence and possesses high emotional intelligence, which makes his YouTube videos and channels very interesting to watch. He is also part of the Bukhash Brother, which is a digital growth agency that produces the shows as well.  

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Hessa Alajaji

One of the new generation makeup artists in Saudi Arabia, Hessa has a very cool application to the art of makeup. Her creative approach boasts of a mix between minimalism and neutrality with the unique blast of color, now and then.


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She herself has a very cool style with her signature blonde hair and tattoos. Hessa has also worked with top names like Saudi Arabian influencer, and top fashion reference Nujoud Al Rumaihi. Her clients usually will have a fresh, no-makeup makeup look, with a pop on the eyelids. She even has her own line of makeup brushes which have had rave reviews! 

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