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The Best Dubai Fitness Studios To Join Now

In the Middle East, a “winter body” is just as important as a “summer body.” With the weather cooling down to pleasant temperatures, cities like Dubai come alive as more people venture out for outdoor activities and plan important events to take place outside, whether its lazing on the beach or attending outdoor weddings and parties – the citizens of Dubai always want to bring their A-game.

Dubai is known for its high end gyms and workout classes – which makes working out a rather luxe experience and, if its weight you are looking to shed, or simply wanting to get fit for better health, these are some of the best fitness studios to get your sweat on at and get some serious gains…

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The Matcha Club

“MATCHA’s team have curated a studio wellness programme for those looking to bliss out with a yoga or meditation session led by some of the city’s top instructors,” read’s the club’s website. The space also offers an icy-cold plunge pool to improve blood circulation and help muscle tension, as well as tennis and padel courts, alongside a fabulously chic café, Nette, which is a a laid-back dining concept that showcases a modern blend of French-Japanese cuisine.

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FitnGlam Dubai Hills

Having established gyms in Al Quoz and Mirdif, FitnGlam has just opened another location at the Dubai Hills Mall. The women’s only super-club offers a plethora of fun and motivating classes including spin, boxing, reformer pilates, and much more. Moreover, there is a café were you can refuel with a protein shake, and a salon for that post gym blow out.

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Studio 14

Studio 14 is a concept that is not only dedicated to fitness, but also saving the environment. The eco-friendly, boutique fitness studio in Umm Al Sheif offers a range of classes, such as boxing, rowing, treadmill and strength workouts using equipment that is powered by its user - eliminating the use of electricity for the facility’s machines. Classes are small and intimate and only allow no more than six participants, which makes workouts feel more like a PT experience rather than a big group session. You can also purchase eco-friendly fitness aids such as mats and rollers made from rice and bamboo, and water bottles made from eco-friendly materials.

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Top Stretching

Top Stretching is all about using your muscles in the best way possible – stretching. The classes are all about improving your flexibility and range of motion, as well as muscle conditioning which are essential to optimal physical functioning- and one thing many people skip. The ladies only studio offers over 20 different classes from aero-stretching and ballet to split schools and yoga.

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Chalk Training Ground

Chalk Training Ground is not for the feint of heart. The club offers a plethora of fitness sessions focused on strength and conditioning, high-intensity interval training, CrossFit, endurance training, functional circuits and more, and the gym is designed to help participants reach their athletic potential.

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Barre Effect

Barre is one of those exercises that strengthens your core, builds your legs muscles and improves your flexibility. Preferred by the likes of ballet dancers and gymnasts, this is one way to fire up every single muscle in your body via the use of a combination of bodyweight resistance, props and high reps. The 50 min classes help to sculpt your body like nothing else.

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The Platform Studios - Dubai Hills Mall

Newly opened in collaboration with FitnGlam, The Platform Studios is spread across 30,000 sq.ft and features a huge HIIT arena, a laser light show, projector show and world-class equipment. There is also a huge cycling studio that has 55 bikes, and being in partnership with Fit n Glam there are also classes for women-only.

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Boxing promises a fat burning workout to help achieve a lean and physically strong physique – as well as providing some stress relief. It’s a proven fact that hitting one of those bags can release endorphins to help balance out your mental wellness, whilst also helping you to get stronger and fitter! It’s a 360 win in terms of overall fitness.

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It’s not open yet, but its coming to Dubai’s DIFC area this October. Saudi and UK cult fitness brand 1Rebel is almost here with its fast-paced, sweaty fun – the space transports you from gym to nightclub with LED strobe lights and epic playlists. Classes include, Ride, Reshape (treadmill and weights), and 1Rebel’s first-ever open gym floor featuring cardio, resistance, free weights and a strength zone.

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F45 combines HIIT, functional training and circuit training, in 45-minute sessions. The concept has seven studios across Dubai and more planned to pop up around the city. The 45 minute classes are broken down into Cardio, Resistance and Hybrid with a number of challenging workouts for you to complete.

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