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Techno Fans Listen Up! This Is What Went Down at Techno Therapy in Riyadh

Last week, Techno Therapy wrapped up in Riyadh in what some would say one of the best night for deep house music!

Nicole Moudaber, who is a Lebanese British DJ, record label founder, and producer, headlined the lineup of the event. Moudaber is considered to be one of the biggest DJs in the electronic music industry. The line-up also included names such as Moses, Don Edwardo, ANY, B-Hydra, ANT, and DishDash.

Local DJ B-Hydra, other known as Mohammed Bahaidrah, expressed his excitement of being part of this huge event, as he stated to local news, “We’re actually playing with the best techno DJs in Riyadh alongside the legend Nicole Moudaber. It’s an honor, to be honest, to be in such a lineup as this.”


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The electronic scene in Saudi Arabia has long had a growing fanbase, and recently with the boom of events all over the kingdom and more top international and local DJs showing up to play to their fans, the scene is only getting bigger.

Another DJ who was also part of the lineup, DJ Psykey, talked to Arab news about his perception of what his Saudi fans like, stating that, “I found that the crowd here in Riyadh doesn’t like psy-trance. They’re into electronic, like techno or house or groove, some dark music, but not as dark as psy-trance. So, I created a new sound, mixing techno with psychedelic sounds.”

Techno Therapy did not only include music, but many different entertainment and artistic outlets such as music publicity platforms, make up station to create your ultimate techno look, and live graffiti art being drawn right in the moment.

The aim behind Techno Therapy was to create a platform where like-minded people in the electronic music scene, whether creators or fans, get together and get exposed to the different talent in the country, creating a space for a cultural exchange of another beat.

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