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Meet The Saudi Societies From Top UK Universities

If you are in higher education or starting out at university in London or further afield, being far away from your culture can take a lot of adjustment. In many circumstances, you might be closer to cultural familiarity than you think!

Across the UK, top universities have their very own Saudi societies that invite everyone from staff, to students and alumni to enjoy cultural, social, educational and charitable events including traditional Saudi dinners, movies from the kingdom, lectures on Saudi art and musical performances and more. You can also celebrate Saudi National Day and Eid together in the case you can’t travel home. Many of the societies look to provide a supportive environment to make your university experience a positive one.

We’ve listed a number of top universities that have their very own Saudi societies that you can get involved with and join…

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University College London – UCL Saudi Society

Every UCL student, staff member and alumni are welcome to join the UCL Saudi Society where cultural, social, educational and charitable events such as traditional Saudi dinners, film nights, lectures on Saudi art and musical performances and more, can be enjoyed. The society also hosts Saudi National Day and Eid celebrations and provides an environment in which you can network with other Saudi students.

UCL’s Saudi Society offers a number of social gatherings, Saudi culinary events, cultural evenings and opportunities to participate in a variety of events such as conferences, forums and even group vacations, and much, much more that may be advantageous to your future career!

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King’s College London – The Saudi Society (SSKCL)

“The Saudi Society King's College London (SSKCL) is the first established Saudi society not only at King's College London, but also within the University of London,” reads the university’s website. SSKCL is a culture-based student group that is keen to share the culture and heritage of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and break down any stereotypical views of Saudi culture! One of the society’s main focal points is to bridge the gap between all of the diverse cultures that exist at the university and welcome pretty much anyone, regardless of background, to join!

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The University of Exeter - Saudi Society (USSE)

The University of Exeter - Saudi Society (USSE) is a non-profit organization established by Saudi students at the university. The society organizes events for students from Saudi Arabia and beyond and offers a number of educational activities and events. Making fellow Saudis “feel at home” at the university, USSE partake in showcasing a number of cultural Saudi activities and the culture to educate others about what it means to be Saudi. The society also offers free Arabic classes to all students, even non-Saudis, and come together to celebrate Saudi National Day every year.

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University Of York – Saudi Students Society

The Saudi Students Society at York University is one where you are encouraged to meet people from all over the world. The group looks to help new Saudi students settle into their new environment, on and off campus, and connects them with existing students.

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University of Manchester - Saudi Scientific Society

The Saudi Scientific Society is one that connects Saudi students at the University of Manchester to the scientific world by organizing scientific and academic activities on-campus and online.

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