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Check Out Barking Lot: The Kingdom’s First Café Dedicated To Canines

The first clear glass exterior dog café in Saudi Arabia opened in the coastal city of Khobar in June 2020. In a nation where pets are typically prohibited from public spaces, The Barking Lot, where dog owners can enjoy a cup of coffee alongside their beloved furry pals, has delighted animal lovers. Due to the great success, another new branch opened in May of 2021 in Riyadh.

Kuwaiti owner Dalal Al-Sharhan first got the idea while visiting the Kingdom with her dog when she discovered that she couldn't take him for a walk. She made the decision to launch a café for pet owners where they may be free to spend time with their dogs.

For pet owners in the capital, such new locations have expanded their options. They now have this lovely area where they can come and enjoy themselves with family, dogs and pets, where they can forge a community and share experiences. Both cafés accept male and female customers with dogs of all sizes in tow and offer customers hot and cold beverages.

The Barking Lot is more than just a café; it also features a boutique with dog-friendly snacks and food, as well as a grooming station where canines and felines can get washes and blow-dries as part of the services provided. The café attracts locals and families from all walks of life, especially on the weekends when business is heaviest.

For crowd control and to guarantee that Covid-19 safety procedures were observed throughout the pandemic, a security guard stands to attention at the entrance.

Al-Sharhan is happy with the success she has experienced thus far with her two venues and now hopes to expand to other regions of the country, particularly the western region, which includes Jeddah, Makkah, and Madinah.

The Riyadh branch operates from 4pm to 1am, while Khobar is open from 2pm to midnight. Mondays are both closed. 

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