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3 Things You Can Do Tomorrow For Saudi National Day

As Saudi National Day is upon us, you can feel the excitement bubbling up in the city as everyone is rushing to make plans for the week. We got you covered as we know our readers enjoy different things, so we’re created a list that will help you choose according to your preference. Whether you are the fireworks type of people or the getaways for the weekend, hear us out:

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Light Up The Sky

Fireworks! Of course, each year on Saudi National Day, the sky lights up with the most beautiful fireworks and air shows. Truly a sight to behold! We recommend that you definitely try to watch the Saudi Air Hawks which usually happen in Khobar, Jeddah, and Riyadh.

As for the fireworks, every major city has them so just grab a seat by the corniche and watch the sky turn green. Look out for Jeddah, Abha, Madinah, Albaha, Tabuk, Hail, Buraidah and Jazan. 

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Weekend Getaway

If you feel like spending some time away and celebrating Saudi National Day in charming, little escape.

There are many resorts both in the mountains and around the city which you can book for the weekend with friends and family. We recommend The Cliff, Aseel Resort, Sahary Resort, Athbah Farmhouse and many more! 

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A Dose of Heritage

Many heritage cities around the kingdom will be celebrating Saudi National Day too, so if you’d want to experience something new, we recommend Al Ula, Abha, Asir Region, Al Ahsa Oasis, Al Turaif, Ad-Diriyah and more! You can also camp out during the weekend and do some stargazing to watch mother nature’s original fireworks or walk around the enjoy the local festivities and events happening.

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City Festivities

From concerts to performances, the whole cities are in swing for Saudi National Day and if you’re the like the limelight, then we suggest you stay in the city.

Last year, there were show jumping events, local concert featuring well-known Saudi Arabian artists such as Abadi Al-Johar and Huda Al-Fahad, traditional performances by local dancing groups, parades, and entertainment for the whole family to enjoy the celebratory week!

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