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Misk Foundation Kickstarts Its Second Year of the Youth Voice Program

The Youth Voice Program announced its second year and its goal is to enhance the communication skills of Saudi youth. Among the many and diverse programs, Misk offers this is quite the interesting one as it focuses on developing a program that is built on both technical and practical knowledge sharing to young Saudis.

Active citizenship takes front and center in The Youth Voice Program as it builds capacity in terms of different skills such as cognitive, intellectual and dialogue. As the youth are the future, building their confidence and competencies is important especially as it comes in line with Vision 2030.

The Youth Voice Program will be hosted virtually and will accumulate in a certificate ceremony where each participate will be awarded for their completion of the program. There will also be a debate so that the participants can put into practice everything they have learned from conflict resolution, decision making, and leadership skills.

The Director of Community Engagement, Global Affairs, and Research at Misk, Dima El Sheikh expressed her excitement during the event and she reported to Arab News that Misk’s goals has always been centered in empowering young Saudis and pushing them to participate in the community on both local, regional and internationals platforms.

Al-Sheikh said that young people sought security for themselves, their jobs, knowledge and behavior. “The Youth Voice Program lives up to these aspirations in assisting young people by representing themselves and their community through many issues that preoccupy them as young people.”

The admission process for the progress is competitive as well, as Al-Sheikh mentioned that the program contained thousands of trainees that were accepted according to articles and videos they submitted as part of the admission process. The young Saudis are selected from different cities and they are trained in courses on various causes around the kingdom from historical and cultural to social and educational.

What is also very inspiring about the program is that a huge percentage of the participants end up taking leadership positions, opinion influencers, philanthropists, and more, proving once again that the future is bright.

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