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Saudi Hotspot Turns Into a Success In Marbella

Fun fact: it is not Saudi food.

Anyone who lives in Saudi Arabia is aware of La Rustica, one of the best Saudi-based Italian restaurants. The place serves authentic Italian food is that is simple, staple, and absolutely delicious. Of course, the culinary team makes sure to serve authentic dishes that truly give an ode to the ins and outs of the Italian cuisine.

One of their best dishes are the Marinara Pizza, the Bianca Pizza, Linguine Truffle, and definitely the Bruschetta.

Due to the huge success it amassed in Saudi Arabia, La Rustica opened a recent pop-up in the Southern Spanish coast, specifically Marbella. It opened in June 2022, and will be open until he end of September under a collaboration with Incontro.


Fun fact is that La Rustica was one of the first to introduce Neapolitan Pizza in Riyadh, which makes it a crowd favorite in the kingdom.

La Rustica was founded by a Saudi couple passionate about the heartwarming recipes that branch from Italian cuisine. Ever since its doors, the founders made sure to keep it up to standards as they state to Arab news, “This became a success due to our aim of promoting authenticity not only with food but also with the approach on restaurant design, setup and the whole environment itself,” they said.

Now in Marbella, all we have been hearing are rave reviews as individuals line up to have dinner at the Saudi hotspot.

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