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The Giving Movement Just Keeps On Giving

The fashion social entreprise released its impact report.

Dubai-based sustainable athleisure brand, The Giving Movement, has officially released its very first impact report, covering January 1, 2021 to December 31, 2021. The 72-page report details every aspect of the company’s sustainable and charity initiatives, as the brand features recycled and organic materials and has crossed $1 million in donations in November 2021.

In terms of sustainability, the report dives into everything from carbon emissions to environmental care. The brand is currently on its path towards carbon neutrality, with the report detailing the exact carbon emissions across all collections during 2021, outlining the three scopes of their corporate footprint. In addition, the sustainability analysis details the plan to offsetting these emissions in the future, in addition to the LifeCycle Assessment of the brand.

The report also provides a detailed look at where the $1 million in donations have gone, introducing us to the team behind Harmony House India, the students, the facilities, the medical programs, the education, and much more. Harmony House India has had over 4,000 students, with 550+ currently enrolled and an additional 1,500 on the waiting list. Of these 4,000, over 200 students have continued to higher education, while others took the opportunity to begin working using the skills they’ve learned. 2021 also saw the introduction of the center’s Hope at Harmony House wing dedicated to children of determination, detailing the progress of its patients and students. This is in addition to over 427,680 meals provided during the year, vocational training, and distribution drives that helped over 25,000 people.

The business aspect is also an important aspect of the report, presenting the Supplier Code of Conduct, already available on the brand’s website, and the company’s HR policies, people of determination initiatives, in addition to fair wages and working conditions.

Lastly, the report presents the brand’s 2025 goals via a Sustainability Improvement Model and a 2025 Sustainable Strategy that aims to lessen pollution, push carbon neutrality, and much more. The report is available on the brand’s website on the Sustainability page.

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