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Be Dazzled By These Fashionable Emirati Jewelry Brands

Ahead of Emirati Women's Day!

Emirati women are always innovating and pushing the frontiers of jewelry design with the inception of their new brands and collections. They therefore inadvertently put the UAE on the map of the fashion world. Each label pays homage to the founder's legacy and is the result of years of effort and creativity, producing everything from haute couture items to cutting-edge accessories.

On August 28, 2022, the seventh annual Emirati Women's Day will be celebrated.

Here, we look at some of the region's most creative jewelry designers.

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This experimental jewelry line is designed using Arabic typography to create unrivaled unique geometric patterns. Alabbar is a true talent and a trendsetter, known for creating pieces that are contemporary, simple, and in high demand. A glimpse at her pieces, reveals that they successfully blend traditional and contemporary cultures, with the latter representing Alabbar's identity, and place of origin. The brand quickly rose to fame in the UAE and has since spread around the globe because of its fine detailing and impeccable craftsmanship.

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Renowned Emirati fine jewelry designer Salama Khalfan prides herself in surprising her customers with stunning designs based on specific themes and locations. Many of her pieces are based on traditional Arabic workmanship and were created to appeal to today's fashionable women. With themes such as equestrian circuses and palm trees, she makes sure that each piece has a unique touch, whether it contains natural stones or diamonds.

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Noora Shawqi's jewelry has distinctive designs, meticulous attention to detail made possible by talented Emirati artisans, and real-world inspiration that shines through in every item. In fact, Noora Shawqi uses the best gold, diamonds, and colorful stones to create each of her designs, with the intention of enhancing the wearer's sense of adventure, self-assurance, individuality, and modernity.

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Founded by Her Highness Sheikha Mariam bint Khalifa bin Saif Al Nahyan, this homegrown brand draws upon her Emirati heritage for inspiration. Raw materials for the MKS Jewelry lines are sourced ethically. The brand also encourages emerging creative talent through its MKS Cares project, which gives back to the community, which makes owning a piece of MKS Jewelry even more meaningful through its connection to charities.

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Founded by Her Highness Sheikha Sana Al Maktoum, this jewelry brand was created with the intention to empower women, whereby each piece is a symbol of elegance and identity. Her style is ethereal, feminine, and thoroughly modern. With ethical principles at its helm, the brand ensures all the jewels are sourced using conflict-free gems and by only utilizing Kimberly Process-Certified jewelry in the designed pieces.

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Aisha Baker, a well-known jewelry expert, founded her own company, which is well-known for its eclectic creations that draw inspiration from pop art. Each piece, created for the contemporary woman, has a fun element and is timeless enough to wear from day to night. A wide variety of stones, including sapphires, quartz, and others, are used to design and create each collection. Every piece, from bracelets to rings, highlights the originality of the brand.

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