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Check Out The Most Aesthetically-Pleasing Beauty Salons In Riyadh

Beauty salons are meant to be inspiring right? At least that’s what we think! You’re working all day or have an eventful day ahead of you and all you need is. Couple of hours at a relaxing and visually appealing place. Get pampered at our list of favorite beauty spots in Riyadh that not only provide top notch services, but also look good while doing it.

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Pink hues with tons of cool corners and a lot of fun messaging, meet Rrush your express beauty salon. They have a lot of cool backdrops for your Instagram stories, not to mention their excellent beauty services that range from hair to nails. It’s a whole lotta pink, and a whole lotta fun!

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Base and Boon

Industrial chic with a splash of biophilic design, Base and Boon is one of our favorite beauty spots in KSA. It’s stylish interiors are not the only thing we’re a fan of, as their nail services aren’t just good, but they’re actual art!

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Dark colors contrasting marbles, fixture lighting and a guaranteed relaxing time! Dry is a salon that gives you convenience at your pace, but not only that, it also provides a lovely space while doing so. This is definitely where you’ll be talking your post-blowout mirror selfie.

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Shi Nail Spa

Giving you the ultimate Bali vibes, Shi Nail Spa is where you go to relax and transport yourself to another reality. Everything about the place is Zen and calming, and with all the hustle and bustle happening outside, this is your perfect escape ay the end of a hectic day.

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Four Spa

Even though the space is fairly neutrals and minimalistic, it is one of the most beautifully designed beauty salons we’ve seen. Marbles, gold paneling, and lots of geometric furniture pieces, Four Spa is truly a beautiful spot to get pampered.

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