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The Makeup Products Saudi Influencer Yara Namlah Uses

Yara Alnamlah is one of those few influencers that posts products she actually swears by. And so, everytime she shares a new beauty obsession, we're immediately adding it to our carts. The Saudi beauty is a renowned makeup artist, architect and entrepreneur with several business ventures coming up.

She started her online career with beauty and now has worked her way to collaborate with some of the biggest names internationally. Naturally, we’d want to know her makeup routine, right? So, our team did some digging and compiled a list of makeup products she has raved about.

Hermes Plein Air

Hermes Plein Air natural enhancing complexion balm contains hyaluronic acid, white mulberry, primrose oil and other ingredients that are made to feel as lightweight as possible. If you want foundation, but lighter, this is your go-to.

Dior Addict Lip Tint

Hailed by the masses online, the Dior Addict Lip Tint is one of the least crazes. Yara Alnamlah and many other personalities online have sold out this lip tint because of its lightweight formula, stunning colors, and effortless look.

Combo Alert: Loewe 7 Perfume & Ex Nihilio Iris Porcelana

This one is quite the niche combination but anything that has Loewe and Ex Nihilio in it is bound to be amazing, right? Loewe 7 contains pepper and apple top notes with neroli and musk middle and base notes, while Iris Porcelena by Ex Nihilio’s top notes are violet leaves with rose and base Musk. We love treating ourselves with some niche perfumes.

La Bouche Rouge

Other than having an excellent formula, La Bouche Rouge is good for the environment! They have refillable leather cases that you can customize so you don’t keep throwing those plastic lip stick containers away.

YSL Beauty Lash Clash

One of the newer mascaras by YSL Beauty, the lash clash is high commended by Saudi makeup expert Yara and for good reason. It offers voluminous length and long-lasting unclamped look.

NARS Foundation

The same foundation we have all come to know and love but with an improved formula. This light reflecting foundation achieves bright glow and healthy-looking skin.

Gucci Beauty Sérum De Beauté Fluide Matifiant

This formula is magical! It starts out as a liquid that blurs and vanishes your pores, and later turns into a powder finish. It’s the perfect makeup base for those summer days, but also if you’re that type that doesn’t like a cakey face you can just leave it as is. 

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