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ByMystique Launches in The Middle East

Ethically sourced and sustainable jewelry inspired by nature.

Bymystique, known for being an ethical and environmentally conscious jewelry brand, that pays tribute to the stars and skies, launched through a contemporary collection consisting of rings, necklaces, bracelets and earrings. Bymystique was born with a mission to drive positivity, empower and inspire. Designed with the mystic of healing power in mind, every amulet radiates a beam of positive healing energy.

Cosmic and intricate, the made-to-order jewelry brand pays tribute to nature and wonders of the stars. Consciously crafted in Dubai using ethically sourced 18k recycled gold and high quality diamonds that were also previously in the consumer chain, the versatile and timeless jewelry is inspired by the beauty of celestial objects; the sun, stars and the moon. Bymystique uses elements from nature as it believes in protecting the world’s resources. Using 100% fine diamonds and precious gemstones, all of which are ethically sourced, the fine jewelry brand ensures to reduce carbon footprint and avoids wastage, keeping sustainable living and the environment in mind. Bymystique embodies the new form of luxury; positive luxury.

“While the jewelry industry isn’t yet where it needs to be, there’s a big change in people’s attitude towards ethical manufacturing as a new generation of more conscious consumers seek integrity in the items they buy. At Bymystique, we love natures’ elements and believe in protecting its resources. We use 100% fine diamonds & precious gemstones which we ethically source; our jewelry is made with recycled gold that was previously used within the consumer chain. Our designs range from high-end rings, pendants and earrings that are sustainably made-to-order. Our values are to drive positive energy by creating accessible pieces that have significant meanings to the consumer. We value spirituality and positivity and therefore want our customers to wear pieces that not only look good but also reflect upon them the same characteristic healing energy”, says Iman Fawaz - Founder of Bymystique.

Complementing the fine jewelry collection and the energy of healing power, Bymystique also offers unique candles featuring semi-precious stones. All candles have healing properties with the strength of natural semi-precious healing stones pressed within them to spread calming energy, offering different benefits.


Enrich your home with a tranquil, opulent atmosphere and destress through the ability of a single light. The selection of crystals helps cleanse your home, promote wellness and attract optimism. With the combination of aquamarine, white topaz, & pyrite, the stones help boost calmness & focus. All candles are carefully hand-poured with love, with every creation consciously being vegan, eco-friendly and cruelty-free. The candles are not only appealing to the eyes, but the beautiful scents are also an aromatic delight for the nose made up of 100% organic soy and recycled wood for the wicks. Enriching peace and warmth to your loved ones home, Bymystique candles make the perfect gift for any occasion.

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