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Beit Hail: The 15-Day Saudi Heritage Festival You Need To Attend

Well, we’ve found something for you and your friends to do this weekend if you’re looking for a dose of heritage, craftmanship and all-around good energy.

Beit Hail is a festival that showcases heritage items in the form of a market, where you’d walk around and enjoy the items such as incense, wicker baskets, traditional clothes and more. The festival runs for 15 days since August 10.

The festival boasts Sadu embroidery all over; a blast from the past for people wanting to learn about Saudi Arabian heritage and the beautiful craftsmanship that it entails.

Sadu embroidery is stunning form of embroidery that includes geometrical shapes all handmade by Bedouin tribes. The patterns usually include colorful colors that merge perfectly into each other. What is cool about this pattern is that it has been interpreted into different items such as table runners, pillows, scarves and more.

The festival also showcases classic cars, artisanal pieces created by Saudi artists, and live workshops where you can see how fabrics are woven and made into pieces of clothing. The show goes on where folklore performers entertained guests with the Saudi Arda. 

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