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Get To Know The New Face of Djula

Djula, the Parisian jewelry brand, has unveiled Ahood Alenezi as their regional brand ambassador. The Kuwaiti Influencer has been chosen as the face of Djula with the release of a new campaign.

A talented content creator in her own right, the unconventionally sophisticated Alenezi is the perfect choice to represent the cutting-edge luxury brand. Having established herself on social media and collaborated with worldwide brands, she has gathered close to two million followers on Instagram. Alenezi has become widely recognized as one of the most popular influencers in luxury fashion and beauty in the Middle East and North Africa. A respected tastemaker with a distinctive style, she is celebrated among regional fashionistas as an authority on the latest trends.

Djula Paris launched the campaign with the opening of its first stand-alone store in Dubai Mall, expanding its presence in the area. Djula Paris now has several stores in the UAE and Saudi Arabia, having been introduced to the Middle East in 2021 by Damas. The store includes a piercing atelier led by a world renowned piercing expert, guaranteeing a commitment to luxury lovers in the region.

Djula Paris designs are characterized as experimental, innovative and avant-garde, offering customers across the region access to expertly crafted fine jewelry. The brand’s extensive collections deliver modern and refreshing pieces such as the iconic Barbelé range, famed for its barbed wire bracelets, bangles and earrings. Other collections include critically acclaimed Graphique sets, the colorful Puerto Banús-inspired Marbella line, Art Deco, Glam Rock, Beverly Hills, Eclat, Fairytale and many more. As revolutionary and pioneering as luxury gets, Djula caters to audacious dressers with a flair for defying convention and being different.

Set apart by their uniqueness, Djula women are sophisticated yet unconventional; elegant but unruly. As shown by so many jewelry lovers across the globe, being a Djula woman is a state of mind and an attitude, a manner; one that often surprises, typically astonishes and even shocks, conveying the unpredicted with a rule-bending and breaking the mold approach to all things bling.

Now available at the Djula Boutique in Dubai Mall, Bayt Damas, Djula Boutique in Olaya Tower, Riyadh, and Damas Boutiques in UAE and online. To view, the full collections visit

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