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AlUla Reveals An Exciting Calendar for The Rest of 2022

From being a bucket list destination to a history and culture hub, and more, there is something for everyone in the kingdom’s most happening location.

Announcing its 2022 lineup of events, Al Ula is hosting a plethora of activities and festivals to keep you busy over the latter part of this year. Beginning this autumn, Al Ula will play host to the Al Ula Wellness Festival, Winter at Tantora, and Azimuth, the Kingdom’s first music festival, as well as a list of other thrilling events.

Moreover, there is a brand new addition to the existing calendar of events: The Ancient Kingdoms Festival. The concept is one that looks to relay the kingdom’s history for now and the future so that it is always remembered. The historical festival will run in November from the 11th – 27th and visitors will have the opportunity to experience what life would have been like in Al Ula over 7000 years ago and see how the civilizations that dwelled in the Arabian Peninsula lived. The infamous incense road trading route will also be reiterated as it is integral to Al Ula’s history and present.

This new festival will also allow visitors to immerse themselves into experiences within the key heritage sites of the Kingdom, such as Hegra After Dark.

Al Ula’s Wellness Festival will also be making a return as it promotes and encourages people to take part in health experiences and wellness activities. The event includes a purpose built spa as well as a fitness and wellness retreat for a full relaxation and leisurely experience. The spa’s treatments will be overseen by some of the world’s most noteworthy and experienced practitioners in their field, whilst also bringing together Saudi Arabia’s fitness and wellness professionals.

Following that, Winter At Tantora Festival will also return between December 21st 2022 and January 21st 2023, which will be back with its extensive offerings of innovative dining, immersive arts, fashion and outdoor theatres, among a number of fabulous activities and events for visitors to get involved in.

The Azimuth festival will also return to Al Ula, this September to October, with a variety of art exhibits, music, and food. This year, it will be held in a scenic canyon setting as it focuses on the “changing seasons leading to new life.”

The festival and activities taking place this year will be the first time that people from across the world are officially invited to the historical cities of Saudi Arabia: Khayber, AlUla, and Tayma. 

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