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The New Foreo Lifting Tool Celebrities Swear By

The Middle East heat is here and now is the perfect time to up your summer skincare routine to help you look and feel radiant with Swedish skincare brand FOREO. Combat puffy summer skin with BEAR and improve facial definition thanks to advanced microcurrent technology. The age-defying device uses 5 levels to help lift, tone and contour over 69 muscles in your face and neck leaving your skin summer tight and bright in just 90 seconds!

A key step for a supercharged facial, BEAR is easy to use and effective for achieving toned, tightened, and lifted skin with consistent usage for all skin types. The powerful device delivers a non-invasive treatment and restores skin elasticity to keep you sculpted throughout the hot summer months. Combined with the hydrating yet lightweight SERUM SERUM SERUM, together the pair restores skin’s moisture levels while working seamlessly with BEAR.

Featuring an anti-shock system, BEAR is the safest microcurrent device available on the market, measuring your skin’s resistance to electricity and automatically adjusting microcurrent accordingly for maximum safety and comfort. The microcurrent device is FDA-cleared and offers a completely customized skincare routine, while T-Sonic™ pulsations energize the skin for a stimulating facial treatment to restore firmness and reduce visible signs of aging.

BEAR will deliver visible, long-lasting results when using the device consistently over an extended period of time. What you will notice for sure is the reduction of wrinkles, toned skin and a natural glow, or simply put: a non-invasive facelift.

FOREO is available on Sephora,,, and

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