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Lady Gaga Is Confirmed To Star In The Joker Sequel

Its official! Lady Gaga has officially confirmed that she will be starring in the sequel to Oscar winning film, The Joker, Joker: Folie à Deux, opposite Joaquin Phoenix.

Gaga took to social media to announce her casting with a clip of her and Phoenix’s silhouettes dancing over a red background, with a slightly creepy old-time instrumental version of the jazz standard “Cheek To Cheek” playing in the background. The short Instagram video ends with the film’s possible release date: 4th October 2024.

The Joker was a global hit and quickly became the highest-earning R-rated film of all time as it raked in over $1 billion dollars worldwide. The dark film scored 11 Oscar nominations and won two Academy Awards for Joaquin Phoenix as The Joker as well as composer Hildur Gudnadottir, who won for best score. The lead actor won his second Oscar for playing Arthur Fleck (The Joker), who is an emotionally-disturbed professional clown who eventually transforms into the titular DC villain following a number of unfortunate circumstances.

It was in June this year that director, Todd Phillips, took to Instagram to share an image of Joaquin Phoenix as he read the finished script for the upcoming sequel, and Lady Gaga has been confirmed to be playing Harley Quinn, Arthur Fleck’s psychiatrist at the Arkham Asylum mental institution who falls in love with him and becomes his partner in crime.

Whats interesting about the film’s title, and further hints at the mental state of Arthur Fleck, “Folie à Deux,” is that it refers to a psychosis or delusional disorder that is transmitted from one individual to another. The film is also rumored to be a musical – and that seems highly likely due to Lady Gaga’s singing talents. When she starred in “A Star Is Born,” Gaga won an Oscar for best original song for writing “Shallow.” She was also nominated for best actress that year.

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