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Saanté Self-Care: Why This All Natural Beauty Brand Should Be On Your Radar

The beauty industry is seeing a major rise in the demand for natural, clean, vegan, halal and cruelty free skincare, and with the rising popularity of this industry, it is expected that by 2027 the market will be worth $54.5 billion. With such consumer demand for cleaner and sustainable ingredients, you’ll find some of the best natural products containing some of the most potent clean ingredients are much closer to home than you may think…

Enter: Saanté Self Care. Established by founder, Malini Ohri, this all natural skincare brand encourages clean, safe and effective beauty products that are not only beneficial for your skin and hair, but also for your mindset and overall wellbeing. Saanté’s product range consists of haircare, skincare, baby care and body care that are devoid of toxic chemicals and promote overall balanced healing – with each product being activated by reiki.

Malini Ohri’s familiarity with precious blends of some of the most potent natural beauty inducing ingredients began when she was young and these concoctions, rooted in Indian tradition and wisdom, were passed down to her from her mother. Today, with 45 years of experience in the beauty and wellness industry, Malini is a trained health and beauty therapist, Reiki master, reflexologist, Aromatherapist and Ayurvedic practitioner. With her daughter, Mishti Ohri, CEO of Saanté Self Care, in tow, the brand drives Malini’s lifelong passion and knack to understand ailments and heal people. caught up with Malini and Mishti to find out exactly why Saanté Self Care is the natural beauty brand you should be adding to your self-care routine…

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Tell us a little about yourself and your background…

Malini: I am a trained health and beauty therapist, Reiki master, reflexologist, Aromatherapist and Ayurvedic practitioner. My journey with self-care, beauty and wellness began at a very early age. I grew up surrounded by precious blends rooted in ancient Indian wisdom concocted by my mother. Saanté Self-care is the manifestation of my lifelong passion to heal. I believe in taking a holistic approach to beauty and self-care, and with Saanté’s energized products that are infused with rare adaptogens and potent herbs that work on a deeper level to activate, regenerate, and restore the skin and hair, I want users to embrace that approach too.

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What inspired you to launch Saanté Self Care, where did it begin for you?

Malini: This is what I was born to do, I think. I love healing people—it has always been an inner desire. The journey of Saanté began from my mother, who did a lot of Ayurvedic herbal treatments at home, whether it was turmeric to heal my scrapes and scratches which I got in abundance, or a weekly hair oil potion to strengthen my hair. I was constantly using her knowledge in my circle of family—I would offer head massages, or help soothe their aching feet with a quick massage at a very young age. Like I said, I love to heal in any form. Remedial potions to heal have come from my mom and my uncle who was an Ayurvedic doctor.

When I was 17, I wanted to take this further and so I did my education in health and beauty along with my University. I was so passionate about learning that along with my University that I would go 6 days a week to learn from one of India's best known luminaries. I then went to the UK for 2 years to further this. My daughters coaxed me into creating a brand about 12 years back. I then tested the products for 4 years before I launched. Our “Move Oil” was the first product I introduced with Saanté. Long story short, Saanté is a culmination of my lifelong learnings that I have now bottled up.

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As a self-proclaimed "slow beauty" brand, what can you tell us about slow beauty and how Saanté Self Care implements that concept?

Malini: The simple act of slowing down and being mindful of every little thing we do is often forgotten in the midst of fast-paced lives. Slow beauty is about going back to rituals, going within to heal slowly, through beauty practices, meditation. Not being in a constant rush and dedicating time to yourself so you are able to bring the glow from within. It urges you to stop trying to find quick fixes and take a holistic approach to beauty. This means not only looking after our skin and hair, but also being aware of eating wholesome foods, spending time on our food and really nourishing ourselves from what we eat to what we apply on our bodies and hair. Healing for me has been a lifelong passion, and with Saanté, concocting therapeutic, restoring blends using precious medicinal herbs and oils reflects my learnings and philosophy. I believe that true beauty is a reflection of a person’s inner health, emotional wellbeing and spirituality, and that using non-toxic and clean products devoid of chemicals, practicing self-healing, meditation and being calm from within can do wonders for the skin. Saanté Self-care products are energized and rooted in Ayurveda, Aromatherapy and Reiki. They are clean, non-toxic and designed to work on deeper levels to heal from within.

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With natural beauty and skincare being a saturated market - what sets Saanté Self Care aside?

Based on ancient treatments: Our products are tried, tested, preserved and perfected for centuries. They are Aromatherapy-infused, based on adaptogenics and formulated out of ancient treatments and remedies.

Unparalleled experience: Our products are a result of over forty-five years of developing healing concoctions tailored to the slow beauty consumer—something so important in today’s fast-paced life.

Accessibility: Clean and slow beauty products are very expensive and unattainable for many. We wanted to change that and make sure our product heals everyone. They are as affordable as they are effective and offer value, while maintaining the integrity of our core ethos. Personalization: We provide one on one personalized consultations for unique treatment solutions based on individualized physiology.

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Activating your products with reiki is a concept that is rare, tell us what reiki is and how that works with your products...

Malini: Reiki is an energy healing, the energy that is already present in our universe; it just has to be channelized and put into anyone and anything. For me, I am only passing down this positivity and powerful good intent into my products, and belief beyond belief is what I believe in. When my intent is to heal, it actually heals.

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What are your favorite products from Saanté Selfcare and why?

Malini: I have poured my heart, soul, knowledge and experience into every product. It is made with a lot of empathy, care and integrity. It is very difficult for me to choose—they are all like my babies. Having said that the most loved products of Saanté are:
The Chakra Balancing Room and Pillow Spray - Infused with lavender, clary sage and clove, it will uncloud your thoughts, balance your energy and awaken your senses. In Aromatherapy, this blend helps tackle issues like agitation, anxiety and low levels of concentration. Spritz it on to create a calming, destressing environment, and to relax and realign.

Crowning Glory Hair Tonic- As a number of people suffer from hair loss, our light-weight hair tonic makes for an easy treatment to do for both men and women. Infused with rosemary to stimulate the roots, clary sage to strengthen it, juniper to detoxify and lavender to destress, it has time and time again proven to work.

Move Oil – This was my first product so it is truly special. A blend of clove and thyme oil, it relieves muscle stiffness and pain or injuries such as muscle sprain and post-exercise strain.

Time Rewind Face Cream – My daily go-to, this face cream is infused with Camellia Japonica, moringa and shea butter. Its adaptogenic benefits help combat facial stress and also revive that youthful glow—it’s truly reparative and perfect to apply at night.

Inara Illuminating Face Elixir - Our Inara Face Elixir is a blend packed with 14 ayurvedic extracts and oils. This product was received quite a fan following from its onset.

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Since Saanté Self Care is inspired by ancient Indian Ayurveda rituals, what can you tell us about those rituals and how they have inspired your products?

Malini: I grew up with weekly oiling and body massages and my mom’s Ayurvedic healing potions coupled with my uncle and my grandfather who were Ayurvedic doctors. I constantly learnt from them as I was very interested in gaining this ancient healing system.

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When it comes to self-care – what 3 things do you do to take care of yourself?

1. I ensure that I unwind every night with a small ritual using my Chakra Spray, my Move Oil and Kansa Wand along with my Time Rewind or Inara. Before I begin I allow myself to go into a calm state so I can truly benefit from the ritual.

2. I exercise regularly and sometimes even twice a day – a mix of cardio and strength training. While I am walking I say my mantras which has really helped me gain peace and strength of mind

3. I am very particular about my food (at least most of the time) I have vegetable juice every morning with moringa and celery to name a few ingredients, and I ensure 98% of the time I eat healthy balanced home cooked meals. Even if I detract from healthy eating there will be no meal without a bowl of cooked veggies (broccoli, cabbage, beans, cauliflower, avocado, lots of herbs and leafy greens).

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What is your favorite natural ingredient and why?

Malini: I think the more I read about moringa, the more I appreciate its healing powers. It is a superfood and adaptogen, works from within to destress and has all the phytovitamins, far more than fruits and vegetables like oranges, bananas, spinach and almonds. It is in my Time Rewind Cream.

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Lastly, as a female owned brand, what empowers you and how do you use your brand to empower others?

Malini: Saanté’s slow and clean approach towards beauty has transformed so many women naturally as well because they have started looking and feeling so amazing. Giving women this confidence has empowered me immensely.

I believe that the biggest gift one can give themselves is the gift of time—with Saanté we want every individual to revel in their beauty ritual, take time out for themselves and embrace selfcare and slowness. Our extremely therapeutic essential-oil infused products not only heal the body but also energize the mind, boost confidence, and heal on deeper levels.

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Mishti, what is your role in the business and what does the future for Saanté Self Care look like?

Mishti: As part of the third generation of Saanté Selfcare, my goal is to present and share our legacy with the world. I’m honored to have learned from my grandmother and mother from an early age about the importance of self-care, healing from within and living a holistic life. My mission is to re-invent, restructure and strategically position the brand to meet the nuances of the new age conscious market, while also preserving its integrity and what Saanté really stands for. Besides rebranding, I look after the social media, content and communication—everything required to have online presence and visibility—giving a voice and direction to Saanté. It’s a really exciting journey and I am so grateful to be part of it. The future of Saanté is of course, bringing to the world something so simple yet special—the means to embrace slow beauty and prioritize self-care, and to revive in every household ancient Indian traditions that have proven effective and healing for centuries. Our portfolio will have everything a person needs to heal—clean, energised products rooted in years of practise and preservation of Aromatherapy, Ayurveda and Reiki. 

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