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3 Cool Kid Essentials You'll Need for the Rest of 2022

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With the sun out, and bright and bold colours dominating the streets, the cool kids are on their way to shop their wardrobe staples for the rest of the year. It’s now time to pack up your old clothes as GANT's 2022 essential tips will carry you through the year with preppy style, and offbeat quality.

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Monochromatic Hues

Sure, the monochromatic look is often associated with a work-meeting attire, but it has transcended notions, making a perfect option for those summer weddings, brunch ensembles, and nights out in the city. With its undeniable versatility - play around with gradients, patterns, and accessories to make the classic trend feel modern.

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If you consider yourself a maximalist dresser with a love for all-things patterned, this trend continues to reign supreme. Maximalism has hit mainstream with patterns seen everywhere in Spring/Summer 2022 - think colourful fruit motifs, checkerboards to cartoonish drawings; all tapping into nostalgia creating an euphoric mood post-pandemic.

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Future Of The Suit

The term ‘power suit’ cannot be underestimated, and with endless possibilities to mix and match different colours and prints - you can always count on a suit to give you an instant boost of confidence. This season, there is a special focus on the basics, think minimalistic and refreshing bits to make a better fit for the bolder and braver pieces in the collection.

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