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Get Ready for Saudi Arabia's Abha Summer Festival

It's time to pack up and head to the capital of Saudi Arabia’s renowned Asir region, by the Red Sea, because the much-anticipated Abha Summer Festival has begun! This event consists of six entertainment areas, which take up a total area measuring 126,000 square meters: Asir bounties; carnival and adventures; children's area; shopping and retail areas, the Mivana area, and a village for entertainment and arts. The festival is set to run through summer, till September 24, 2022.

With the theme "Above the Mountains," the festival will be an opportunity for visitors to explore the local region that is considered unique to other parts of Saudi Arabia. This includes exploring heritage sites such as Rijal Almaa village, ancient sites of Jarash, and the Heritage House in Al-Namas. Visitors can also indulge in local and international cuisines, as well attending performances by both popular and emerging artists.

For visitors arriving by car, there will also be access to a 2,000-car parking lot opposite the venue, 3,000-car parking lot at King Khalid University, and 400-car parking lot for senior citizens. Alternatively, there are shuttle bus services to and from the event.

The festival has received the support of the Emir of Asir and Chairman of Asir Development Authority (ASDA), His Highness Prince Turki Bin Talal. According to the Festival Director, Hatem Al-Harbi, the event venues are ready to receive visitors with the support from the region's government agencies. He also added that the event is providing over 1,000 jobs for locals working in organizations and event management.

In addition, the festival is set to host the 4th edition of the goodwill initiative. Dr. Nasser Al Qamishan, the Director General of Social Development at the Asir Region Development Authority, said that the initiative will be held under the slogan "Your guest is the guest of all of Asir." It is a concept based on the tradition of welcoming and bidding farewell visitors of Asir.

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