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Hermès’ Oran Is 25 & One Of The Most Desirable Sandals

Hermès is celebrating the 25th anniversary of its signature Oran sandals. The iconic pair of slippers is an essential piece in every wardrobe and shows no signs of losing its significance and popularity in today’s market of luxury goods. Typically, a well-chosen designer bag is considered a fashionable accessory that can stand the test of time if cared for. Footwear styles typically come and go according to seasonal trends. Yet, one sandal, the Hermès’ Oran, has retained its status as one of the most desirable summer staples over time.

The Hermès Oran was conceptualized back in 1997 and named after the Algerian coastal city where former Hermès artistic director, Jean-Louis Dumas, decided that the house’s theme for the year was Africa. The slippers were created by the French fashion designer Pierre Hardy, who specialized in luxury footwear for women. He envisioned a simple almost invisible flat sandal “like a bare foot with something painted on it”. Once the Oran was launched, it became a bestseller and remains so to this day. Originally the slides were made of box calf skin leather with a signature ‘H’ cut-out. Today, while classic shades of tan, black and white are most sought after and produced in limited quantities, the slides come in dozens of different colors and in various fabrics, including leather, teddy, fur, velvet, and denim.

This slide is desired for its remarkable simplicity, renowned comfortable fit, versatile design, and the fact that it is instantly recognized as an iconic Hermès good. For those who have their hearts set on a Kelly, Birkin or Constance handbag, other Hermes items such as belts, bangles, and Oran sandals satisfy the immediate itch to shop at the luxury fashion house, giving an ultra-lavish feel.

After 25 years as a best-seller, there is no sign of the Oran’s desirability decreasing.

As seen on social media, the Oran seems to be one of the most popular and requested sandals out there. As we emerge from COVID-19 lockdowns and an economic standstill, pre-loved fashion outlets are also selling pairs of these sandals at decent prices. This in turn has created an ingenious way to buy into a luxury brand without the added expense nor the waiting list that comes with exclusivity. It makes senses that as the world finally switches to sustainable fashion practices, we may be better off investing in one pair of high end quality footwear than numerous other items that fall into the category of transient trends. The Oran is your next favorite sandal, give it a try!

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