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Clinique La Prairie Announces New Expansions in China & Doha

Luxury longevity and medi-wellness destination Clinique La Prairie continues its international expansion with the announcement of a new Health Resort in Anji, China, in partnership with Sunjoy Group. The 12,850 sqm resort, that will open in 2023, will offer one-week programmes based on Clinique La Prairie’s four pillars of longevity, to inspire guests to live a fuller, longer and healthier life.

The new Clinique La Prairie Health Resort will be situated around 180km from Shanghai West in a secluded haven of peaceful waters and stunning mountains, with views that roll out across a serene lake, reminiscent of the Lake Geneva’s setting of Montreux. The surrounding hills are home to tea farms, growing the famous Anji White Tea, making this the ideal location for guests to find peace and serenity.

The exclusive resort offers 7 villas, housing 29 rooms and suites, which are built around a core building that houses the Medical Pillar, the Wellness Pillar, the Movement Pillar, as well as the Nutrition Pillar with master class lounges and the restaurant. Privileging sustainable materials and renewable energy sources, the new destination will meet high standards in ecosystem protection, health, and contemporary luxury design. The state-of-the-art designs embody the spirit of innovation of Clinique La Prairie and offers a seamless transition from the beautiful natural surroundings to the sophisticated interior.

Equipped with the latest medical and wellness technologies, the Anji resort will deliver a range of Longevity, Master Detox, Beauty, Weight Management and Wellness programmes. These programmes echo the CLP Longevity Method based on the four-pillar philosophy which combines evidence-based medicine with unique wellbeing, nutrition, and movement plans. The Revitalisation program will remain available only in Clinique La Prairie Montreux.

Marc Sabatin, currently General Director of wellness & hospitality at Clinique La Prairie Montreux, is joining the pre-opening team this summer, and is appointed General Manager of the new Health Resort in Anji. It is the fourth Clinique La Prairie overseas destination, following successful openings of Longevity Hubs in Madrid, Bangkok, and an upcoming opening in Doha.

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