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What We Found Out About Jeddah’s Inaugural SOL Festival

Jeddah just hosted a three-day music festival, SOL, which came to a close on Saturday 23rd July 2022, and hosted performances by a brilliant lineup of Saudi, regional, and international artists and DJs, that entertained the masses that attended the festival along Jeddah’s beachfront. SOL debuted at Buhairat, and in its first edition, also played host to not only music lovers, but art and fashion enthusiasts too, with a plethora of contemporary fashion brands, art installations and local crafts, alongside a variety of food trucks to keep visitors going.

Managed by ENTX and EGO talents, an event management company, SOL describes itself as an “exclusive community” with a view to become a hub for Saudis that share an interest in art, fashion and music, whilst also highlighting local and regional talents within the creative scene.

CEO of ENTX, Ibtisam Al-Somali, told a local publication, “We created a festival that is a whole experience of art, fashion, food, and performances including acting shows on (the) ground and on stage.” He continued, “We collaborated with pioneers Karaz and Neo Nomad Digital in Jeddah to create and produce a rare experience for the audience by finding new artists and talents. As this is the first edition, we are still learning the musical market and their interests in new … talents. It was not easy to create an event with emerging artists or those that are not A-list stars.”

To make the event a success, and for it to even take place, the festival was supported by musical enterprises including EGO talents, HRMNY, Karaz, Neo Nomad Digital, and BRIJ Entertainments.

Fahad Al-Saud, CEO of Karaz and co-partner of SOL Jeddah, spoke about the exciting event and what it meant to his company, “Karaz is so excited to have provided our consultancy services to ENTX and the role we played in advising and supporting them in this event. As a team of local and international professionals, it is our mission to bring a sense of community and collaboration to the Kingdom and are honored to have been a part of this developing industry in the Kingdom.”

SOL was not only a great event to attend and be entertained at, but was also a platform for emerging artists to be noticed and their voices to be heard. Saudi music producer, curator, and owner of BRIJ Entertainment, Saud Al Turki said, “There’s nothing like performing at home and being able to use my music to bring the right energy to my people; (it) is a feeling that’s unmatched. Such an initiative like SOL is a beautiful thing. Bringing artists together from across the world is the very essence of what music is all about and that’s also the actual mission of BRIJ Entertainment.”

“To be a part of this new experience formed by local brands and to connect with local and international artists was amazing. I personally believe that it is always exciting to connect and meet new and familiar faces on stage. We even had a chance to interact with the audience after the performance. This intimate experience of getting to talk with the crowd was incredible,” added Jeme, Riyadh based Saudi music producer, DJ, and founder of KNZ Record Label. 

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