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Top Trends: What Are Saudis Tweeting About?

Twitter is a social media platform that is popular in Saudi Arabia as a place to ignite conversations, share thoughts, discuss society and culture, current affairs and some of the biggest movements – that once started as a mere tweet. Ideas become conversations, which in turn become seismic cultural shifts.

In a recent Twitter report, developed in partnership with Pulsar & Canvas8, the biggest must-know trends about to impact the community were revealed. Monitored on Twitter in Saudi Arabia, and analyzed by cultural and data experts over a two-year period, the following trends are a reflection of what’s happening in Saudi Arabia, what people are actually talking about, and echo the national sentiment. Incredible growth is seen in conversations around pride in relation to smart cities and NEOM, alongside chasing the Saudi dream, with topics such as Youth Innovation, Dual Income, Family Planning and Size, and Quality of Life predicted to grow.

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Identity: What Does It Mean To Be Saudi?

Across Saudi Arabia, people’s sense of self is being defined by societal changes, and their responses are defining that change. Whether it's conversations about women working, driving, general economic progress, or embracing smart cities, this is showing up as pride in place, openness to new experiences, more gender balance in relationships, a desire to be recognized, and a melding of identity and personal aspirations.

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Championing Change Makers

Conversations that celebrate the advancements women have made will find an empathetic audience. However, it’s both more authentic and less controversial when that celebration shows individual examples as opposed to the general laws and edicts that enable them. People happen to want to see more and more examples of the empowering change makers making history in the kingdom – especially women.

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Celebrating The Kingdom

The idea that Saudi is finally taking its rightful place on the world stage is core to people’s sense of self and tied to the desire to do the same on a personal level. With pride in place at a high, helping consumers celebrate this sentiment is a strong value connection. Positive conversations surrounding progressive change are being had and it seems Vision 2030 is having a very much welcome impact.

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Improving One Self To Improve The Country

The desire for success and aligning brands and small businesses with this value is a win-win. By enabling people to better themselves and leverage the opportunities in the country, brands will be rewarded with loyalty.

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Managing Money

In a country where generosity and unfettered spending were hallmarks of success, frugality is now a hallmark of smart living. Twitter tracked a +49% year-on-year growth in conversation related to offers, competitions, and discounts recorded.

Saudi Twitter has also seen a +36% year-on-year increase in conversation around the digital economy and a +595% year-on-year increase in conversation around cryptocurrencies. Conversations surrounding cryptocurrencies, online retailers, digital banks, or smart cities, digital marketing, content creation, Saudi digitalization, innovation, remote working and entrepreneurship are predicted to grow.

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