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Subol Al-Fann Is Saudi Arabia's New Digital and Plastic Drawing Competition

In association with the Saudi Postal Corporation (SPL), Saudi Arabia's Visual Arts Commission has just launched a new art competition, Subol Al-Fann. Translated as "Ways of Art," this is a creative contest where participants can compete in either artwork tracks, which is either digital drawing or plastic drawing. Currently, the contest is open in both Arabic and English via a dedicated digital platform.

Along with the announcement, the Visual Arts Commission took the opportunity to share the terms and conditions with the public. As stated, Saudi Arabians from ages 18 and up may apply with a valid ID, but they may only submit one art piece that meets the artistic criteria. In addition, the art piece must also follow the main theme, which is the transformation in sending and receiving postal services, and the future of sending and receiving parcels.

According to the Visual Arts Commission, six winning pieces will be showcased on SPL's delivery vehicles and parcel posts. In addition, an overview of the winning artists will be displayed via social media. Subol Al-Fann is set to run until August 18, with names of the winners to be announced via social media on September 25, 2022.

The Visual Arts Commission is a division of the Ministry of Culture. It was founded with the aim to nurture the talents of artists, practitioners, and professionals in the Kingdom, as well as supporting the production, and exhibition of artwork both locally and internationally. As part of the Kingdom's Vision 2030 program, the commission seeks to enable an organic visual arts movement by supporting community expression, promoting dialogue through varied engagement opportunities, and acting as a catalyst for a creative sustainable economy. 

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