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A Look at Fashion Influencer Zeynab El-Helw

Zeynab El-Helw is a fashion influencer and blogger touching on subjects such as fashion, beauty, lifestyle, and home decor. Also going by her alias, the "Fashion Pirate," she runs an Instagram account where she showcases her favorite fashion and accessory trends, as well as several trends touching on interior design, home decor, and more.

Being half-Egyptian and half-Turkish, El-Helw grew up in London in a mixed family. As a child, in fact, she would often take photos, write, and collect memories. These would eventually inspire her to become a blogger as she got older which, in turn, would pivot towards her current role as fashion influencer. Currently, she holds a degree in fashion design from Central Saint Martins, University of the Arts London.

What makes El-Helw stand out is her flawless fashion sense. This is also a reflection of her personal style, which changes based on her current moments, trends, and situations. For instance, previously working for corporations would have her dress formally, whereas being pregnant with her son would influence her to try something more relaxed. "When it comes to my personal style, I just simply believe in owning what you wear," she told Emirates Woman in an interview.

Over the years, El-Helw has since garnered a dedicated following as a fashion influencer, going by "Fashion Pirate" due to her love for pirates. Currently, she runs her @fashion_pirate on Instagram, and she is also known for her collaborations, such as her partnership with the Dubai-based Platform 3 Fitness, and for partaking in Emirates Woman X Charles & Keith.

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