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The Sustainable Middle Eastern Labels And Platforms To Be Shopping From This Summer

Sustainability within the fashion industry has never been a more important conversation. With fast fashion brands coming under fire for their unethical practices and negative impact on environmental resources, not to mention high quantities of unsold products that end up in overflowing landfills, it is down to consumers to make considered choices when shopping as well as brands to slow down their production processes.

In the mean time, a number of regional brands in the Middle East are making conscious efforts to ensure that their garments are produced in an ethical way and that they are using sustainable materials and practices and these are the 5 brands you should be shopping from this summer and beyond…

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Abadia is a Saudi Arabian ethical luxury brand that is known for its signature aesthetic of combining feminine ease with masculine structure, with each piece created to be a timeless addition to any wardrobe. Abadia is committed to preserving the craftsmanship of the Arabian Peninsula, and that is evident through its strong and continuous partnerships with the artisan community.

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Only Ethikal

Only Ethikal is an e-commerce platform rather than a brand, that only stocks ethically produced fashion from a number of brands with the same ethos. From occasion wear to casual wear, there is something for everyone, and every price point. A website curated with the fashion conscious in mind, its guilt free style that you will wear for seasons to come.

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Founded by Sadeem Al Shehail, her eponymous label, Sadeem, is a home grown Saudi brand that elevates ethical fashion and offers a luxurious take on it. Noted as a ‘pret-a-couture’ label, it features pieces made with non-toxic fabrics, which are sourced from companies that only employ sustainable practices.

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Wild Fabrik

Wild Fabrik is another online platform committed to exclusively featuring ethical and sustainable labels for both clothing and home wares. The platform supports local and international small and medium-sized enterprises that are devoted to creating eco-friendly products.

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Lea the Label

This swimwear label was founded by Léa Daaboul, and produces ethical swimwear that lasts, as it uses the highest luxe eco-friendly Italian fabrics, made in collaboration with ECONYL®. The brand values environmental stewardship as the future of the planet depends on it and strives to do better by making considerate choices about the materials used within the collections. Lea The Label believes that investing in the Earth means creating high-quality items that last into the future. The swimwear is not only timeless in design, but it is made to last for seasons on end.

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