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This Is ARTE, the UAE's Largest Handmade Designer, Art, and Craft Market

ARTE is the largest market for handmade designers, arts, and crafts in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), with 150 contemporary designers and makers in the marketplace. Founded in 2005, it has since become a hit with locals and tourists, taking pride in giving Emirati artisans the chance to showcase their products and skills to clients. The brand name is an acronym for "Artisans of the Emirates," and the brainchild of Miriam. Today, she and a small team of volunteers work to organize ARTE events during the weekends.

ARTE currently operates in well-known malls and venues such as Mercato Mall, Times Square Center, Dubai Design District, and others, with the flagship shop running twice a month. They're a great spot for shoppers to stumble upon standout products such as greeting cards, portraits, candles, handmade soaps, fashion and accessories, bracelets, and more. In fact, many of these products make for great gift ideas as well.

At the same time, ARTE is offering a chance for aspiring artisans to showcase their handmade, Emirati products to a wider audience. Over the years, a handful of creatives have gone on to make their passions full-time, with each garnering a loyal following. Currently, 150 artisans are showcasing their products through ARTE.

In addition, the marketplace offers creative workshops aimed at introducing shoppers to certain skills. Depending on the vendors, this may include bracelet making, making of soap bombs, personalized cards, and more.

Currently, ARTE is also accepting applications from new artisans. Interested applicants may visit the official website to read through the guidelines on how to book a table (, or contact ARTE directly on [email protected].

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