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5 Seafood Restaurants in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

Lapping waves, inviting shores, promenades dotted with evening strolls, Jeddah is a seaside city with a sea-centric culture, and in no other way is this truer than in its cuisine. Seafood is a popular staple in Jeddah, with many restaurants specializing in fish and shellfish. A number of these eateries are also renowned for their ambience, with a select few offering spectacular views of the Red Sea. So, for seafood lovers looking to dine out this week, here are five seafood restaurants to keep on your radar.

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InterContinental Hotel Jeddah

The newest addition to InterContinental Hotel Jeddah is its seafood restaurant, known for serving delicious local and Asian cuisines to hotel guests and diners. The restaurant also has a live station where you can watch the chefs hard at work, and it makes for an ideal way to watch the Red Sea and the iconic Jeddah Fountain.

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Ocean Basket

Ocean Basket is a global chain of restaurants famous for its Mediterranean and Asian cuisines. In fact, its platters are among its most popular, with other items including sushi, desserts, and more. A kid's menu, hot beverages, and filling smoothies are available as well.

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Myazu is one of Jeddah's most loved seafood restaurants. Formerly Nozomi, it specializes in Japanese cuisine, as well as menu options tailormade for Saudi palates. These items include fish and seafood, sushi, dumplings, salads, desserts, and more. The restaurant is also known to introduce seasonal specials such as during Ramadan, or based on one of the four seasons.

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Shrimp Anatomy

Shrimp Anatomy is popular for its shrimps and cozy environment, in addition to its signature packaging. The restaurant's items also include soup of the day, cajun fries, corn, rice, onion rings, fried calamari, and more, as well as the option of choosing your preferred spice level. Shrimp Anatomy is situated in Al Khalidiyah District, with an international branch in Egypt.

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Saedi Fish

Saedi Fish is an Egyptian style restaurant, located next to Al-Hamra Corniche, which is famed for its wide display of seafood by the counter, but also its mouth-watering cuisines. Each meal consists of fish or crustacean, with a side of bread, humus, rice, or potatoes. Patrons may choose to dine indoors, but choosing the terrace will treat you to a stunning view of Jeddah Fountain and the Red Sea.

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