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Henna inspiration and tips for Eid el Adha

Eid El Adha is here! Celebratory traditions include women flocking to henna salons or going full DYI home at home.

When the organic, non-toxic and vegan-friendly dye is applied on the hands, it helps the body to relax and keeps the nerve-endings cool, preventing stress. Henna leaves are known for their antiseptic nature hence highly effective in treating fungal and bacterial skin infections. It's an artful skill that has been regarded as a symbol of good luck and celebration for many years by women from the Arab and Asian regions.

Different types of henna designs, either intricate and traditional or contemporary and simple, are applied on the palms, the back of the hands and feet. There is a plethora of styles and designs, and they vary between Arabic, Indian, and Moroccan cultures, and from Khafif, jewelry, tattoo, bridal designs and so on.

In recent years the practice has gone worldwide and even a western-style design has emerged. New trends evolved from the traditional brown and jagua henna to include white, gold, and silver metallic henna perfected by Pavan Henna Bar in Selfridges London. The most fun of colors though would be the pink henna that is trending right now and offered by @hennabysayeda in Dubai. This type of temporary tattoo sits on the skin for around two-three days, which makes it perfect for those who do not like the ordinary henna that lasts for up to 2 weeks staining their hands.

We suggest you apply the body art one to two days before Eid as this allows 48 hours for it to reach its peak color. For the henna to develop into a lovely dark shade it is best to keep your skin moisturized using eucalyptus oil or other essential oils, as the natural solvents they contain help deepen and darken the stain from natural colorants like henna.

Instagram is a hub for beautiful designs shared by henna artists who share processes, patterns, how to go about it and more. To makes things easier we have curated a list of the latest designs for you this Eid-al-Adha. Hit these salons up:

  • Henna Salon, Jeddah @hennasalon
  • derum salon, Jeddah @derumsalon
  • AlMarasim Ladies Salon, Dubai @almarasim_salon
  • Henna Dubai – Syeda N., Dubai @hennabysayeda
  • Farheens Henna Art, Bahrain @farheenshennaart
  • Beauty Gallery Salon, Qatar
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Newbie – pink henna
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Modern design
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Arabic design
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Red design
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Contemporary design
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Moroccan design
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Khafif design
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Indian design covers the whole hand
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Jewelry design

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