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4 Reasons You Should Spend Summer In Al Ula

Al Ula is the UNESCO heritage site in Saudi Arabia that is becoming an increasingly popular tourist destination. New flight schedules to the vacation hotspot have been announced. With the theme, “Live The World’s Masterpiece Summer Untold,” the Kingdom is striving for the world’s attention for this unique destination. From world-class tourism and entertainment offerings to special activities, excursions and accommodation options, Al Ula is full of wonder and adventure.

We’ve noted down exactly why you should spend your summer in the kingdom…

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How To Get There

Now you can book direct flights from the UAE to Al Ula, as well as domestic flights from within the kingdom. Local airline, Saudia, has announced three weekly direct flights from Riyadh to Al Ula, increasing to five a week from 1st August 2022. From July 4th, flights began operating from Jeddah to Al Ula every day of the week except on Fridays. Those flying from Dammam can now fly directly to Al Ula on weekdays, while domestic airline, Flynas, offer flights between Riyadh and Al Ula every Sunday.

Flynas also flies directly to Al Ula from the UAE. They depart from Dubai on Fridays and return flights depart every Sunday, with plans to increase the frequency of the flights by September 2022. In addition, Fly Dubai offers two flights a week to Al Ula, on Thursdays and Sundays.

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It’s Cooler Than You Think…

With temperatures soaring in the summer months across the Middle East, you would think that it would be far too hot to be spending summer in the Al Ula desert – but you’d be mistaken! One of Al Ula’s greatest attractions is its weather and the fact that temperatures are in fact much cooler in the area. With that being said, it’s all the more reason to enjoy outdoor activities such as camel riding, swimming, hiking, cycling and star gazing into the night.

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There Are Many Sites To Behold

Al Ula is renowned for being a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is an important historical one for the country, as it was host to several ancient civilizations. A true sight to behold, Jabal Al-fil and Elephant Rock are the stunning natural rock formations that have been there for thousands of years. True history buffs can also sign up for guided tours of the historic locations, including Hegra, Al Ula Old Town, as well as a plethora of others in and around Dadan, Jabal Lkmah and more.

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There Is Something For Everyone

Whether you’re an adventurer or there to switch off, there really is something for everyone in Al Ula. Thrill seekers who wish to get their adrenaline pumping can enjoy zip lining, rock climbing, hiking on the hidden valley trail, or taking in the breathtaking views from the air in a helicopter. For the ones who want to switch off and relax and simply take in the culture and environment, there are perfect ways to enjoy the surroundings such as stargazing and live concerts and cultural performances to enjoy in the Old Market Town. In the Old Town of Al Ula, visitors can shop the handicraft pavilions, where nature is the major component of the traditional crafts on offer.

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